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Dairy-Free Dessert Review: Part 3

dairy-Free Dessert Review: Part 3

A third set of reviews for Dairy-free desserts.


      1)   Alpro Hazelnut Chocolate Ice-Cream  -  This ice-cream is reasonably priced, and has a delicious taste, as though you are eating ice-cream made of nutella! The flavour is slightly more subtle than nutella, of course, and it doesn’t become sickly; it is a delicate blend of hazelnuts and smooth chocolate. The consistency is wonderful too, very similar to that of dairy ice-cream. It is available at most supermarkets.


      2)  Fabulous Freefrom Dairy Free Chocovered Crunchee Bites  -  This is a packet of chocolate coated honeycomb pieces. The chocolate is strong enough to balance out the honeycomb, ensuring the product isn’t too sweet. Equally, the honeycomb itself isn’t overpowering, but has the perfect amount of sweetness to compliment the chocolate. The packet is a good size for a snack or a dessert, or, you could use these honeycomb bites to go with dairy-free ice-cream for a more indulgent dessert. You can get a pack of these at your local Co-op, or health food store.


    3)  Sorbet  -  Fruit sorbets of different flavours are available at all supermarkets, and also at most restaurants as a dessert too, which is handy when eating out, if you aren’t sure what to have. Lemon sorbet is a particularly popular flavour, as it is extremely refreshing, especially after a meal. Sorbets are also great in a summer day when you’re craving something cool. With so many flavours, there’s likely to be at least one that you’ll like! I recommend Sainsburys’ Raspberry Sorbet.


   4)  Co-op Free From Chocolate Brownies  -  I found these in a tiny local Co-op store when I was desperate for a chocolate fix. They fit the bill. They are dairy-free and gluten-free, and they taste amazing. Other dairy-free brownies I have tried have often been to dry, and lacking in flavour, but this offering from the Co-op is nothing of the sort. They have a perfect amount of moisture, and a rich chocolately flavour, and they are filled with yummy chocolate chips! They are great on their own, or even better with some dairy-free cream.

    5)  ichoc Chocolate Bars  -  These I discovered in a local health food shop, and was pleasantly surprised by firstly, the reasonable pricing, and secondly, the range of flavours. Typically, dairy-free chocolate is immensely overpriced, and extremely limited in its flavours, with chocolate orange usually being the most outlandish thing out there. But I was happy to be presented with flavours such as ‘Choco Cookie,’ ‘Almond Orange,’ and ‘White Nougat Crisp.’ The latter of which, being my favourite. Though, Choco Cookie is not far behind. All flavours I have tried have been deliciously smooth and creamy, with an authentic chocolate taste. They have the perfect amount of sweetness, and the nutty ones have wonderful crunch. I strongly recommend trying the ‘White Nougat Crisp,’ and ‘Choco Cookie,’ flavours.



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