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Dairy-Free Dessert Review: Part 2

Dairy-Free Dessert Review: Part 2

Continuing from the previous list, here are some more dairy-free desserts that are worth trying.



      1)   Lazy Days Foods Belgian Dark Chocolate Tiffin - Available at most supermarkets, this Tiffin is almost impossible to distinguish from the real thing. It is rich, has the perfect balance between creamy and crunchy, and is incredibly moreish. There is a nice distribution and ratio of raisins, biscuit and truffles, making every bte delicious. Works well with a dairy-free cream of crumbled on top of a dairy-free ice-cream.


      2)  Moo Free Chocolate Bars  -  Moo Free do a range of different dairy-free chocolate bars, both in mini size and regular. One of the more convincing ‘chocolates’ on the market, again, widely available, although your local health shop (e.g Holland and Barrett) may have a wider range. My personal favourite is the ‘Mini Moos Bunnycomb Bar’ which is a much nicer version of the Cadbury’s Crunchy! The bar has just the right amount of honeycomb to not make it overwhelmingly sweet, which is why I would choose it over a Crunchy any day of the week. The Moo Free ‘Original’ is also delicious.


     3)  Alpro Go On Strawberries and Raspberries alternative to Yogurt  -  Though not a big fan of Soya, you can barely tell this yogurt is made from it. This yogurt is amazingly thick - it genuinely could be Greek Yoghurt - and has a lovely fruit compote that you can mix into the plain yogurt to get a lovely fruity yogurt. It’s very tasty, light and refreshing, and is one of the closest things you’ll get to the real thing. There are other flavours such as passion fruit, available too.


    4)  Fabulous Freefrom Factory Dairy Free Chocovered Raisins  -  One of the first ‘chocolate’ dairy-free things I ever had, and it did not disappoint. You could tell someone it was a normal packet of chocolate coated raisins they were eating and they would easily believe you. The chocolate has a nice texture, and is a strong enough flavour to compliment the raisins. The packet size feels like the perfect amount for a decent snack or dessert. You could mix these into a cake mixture, a cookie mixture, or put it in a dairy-free ice-cream sundae. Chocovered Raisins are available at most supermarkets and health stores.

    5)  Booja-Booja Dairy Free Caramel Pecan Praline Ice-cream  -  Definitely one of the more expensive desserts to buy, but with that, comes quality. This is the only dairy-free ice-cream on the market in the UK that seems to actually have chunks in it! It seems that ice-creams like Ben and Jerry’s and supermarket mimics that are laden with cookie dough chunks, brownie pieces and peanut butter cups, are just not acceptable for those who are dairy-free. However, this ice-cream has wonderful chunks of a beautiful concoction of pecans, praline, other nuts and caramel. It tastes absolutely divine, and the caramel has the perfect amount of sweetness. This ice-cream is more than worth a try, but try to get it on offer if you can! Available at Waitrose, health stores, and online.



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