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Dairy-Free Dessert Review

Dairy-Free Dessert Review

It can often seem like dessert is a massive disappointment when you can’t have dairy, and you have to watch your friends and family having chocolate bars, ice-cream and other puddings. Luckily, due to increasing demand, even supermarkets are expanding their dairy-free ranges, so dessert is no longer such a dilemma for us. I’m going to review a few of my favourite desserts that are worth trying if you can’t have dairy.


Alpro Dessert Chocolate - You get a handy pack of four puddings, that are not too dissimilar to chocolate mousses. They are very smooth with a pleasing chocolate flavour, and go well with Soya Single Cream if you want a slightly more exciting dessert. They are reasonably good value, and available at most supermarkets.


     2)  Sainsburys Free From Pecan Tarts - Again, you get four in a pack, and these are insanely delicious. I was initially skeptical, but upon tasting, became hooked. The pastry is rich and buttery (despite containing no butter!), and the filling is beautifully sweet and nutty, leaving you wanting more. They are quite filling, making for a satisfying pudding. I highly recommend these, if you are able to have nuts.


    3)  Asda Free From Caramel Rice Squares -  You get five in a pack, though you will want more. The caramel is smooth and rich, making you re-read the label in disbelief at the lack of dairy. The rice crisp adds the perfect crunch to the dessert, and the whole thing is topped off with a thin layer of ‘milk’ chocolate (sans the milk!), which is the right amount, without making the taste too sweet or sickly.


4)  Choices Dairy Free Caramel Choices - Available at Sainsburys, this is a pack of twelve individually wrapped chocolate caramels, with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. The flavours are utterly convincing, and are possibly some of the most convincing dairy free caramel and chocolate flavours I have tried. They are a little on the expensive side, but well worth the money once in a while.


   5)  Almond Dream - Almond Dream is a dairy-free ‘ice-cream’ with a complimenting caramel sauce that runs throughout the tub. The texture is utterly convincing as ‘real’ ice-cream, and the flavour is a dreamy caramel, that has the ideal amount of richness and sweetness.  Needless to say, this ‘ice-cream’ is much lower in fats than a typical ice-cream, and is great for those who are trying to be a bit healthier. Again, on the pricey side, but the best dairy-free ice-cream I have tried so far, and especially worth it if you can grab a tub on offer.


  6)  Oreos - This is a surprising entry - who’d have though you can eat ‘normal’ biscuits that have a chocolate and cream flavouring? I promise, these are entirely dairy free and vegan! They are available in almost every shop, at a reasonable price, and are great for sharing with friends, so you can eat the same dessert/snack as them for once!  





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