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Dairy-free Cheese Review

Dairy-free Cheese Review

Luckily for those of us who can’t have dairy, more effort is being putting into creating dairy-free alternatives to cheese. Cheese is undeniably a staple food, and it goes so well with so many things, and is great for a snack too, so it’s certainly a step forward to have some dairy-free cheese available. However, some is better than others, so I’m going to review some dairy-free cheeses I have tried, to give you a heads up on what to try.


      1)    Vio Life Slices  -  The best thing about this product is probably its availability. It seems to be the brand of cheese that all supermarkets have decided to stock. It is definitely a good thing, to decide you want some cheese and to actually be able to get it without having to go all the way to a specialist shop, but all the same, I would only say the Vio Life slices are ‘Ok.’ To me, they have a slightly odd taste when eating them cold, and almost made me feel a bit queasy. I have since used them, melting them on a quorn burger, and I thought they were certainly nicer when melted, and with other flavours. Ultimately, they were ok. But if you’re looking for a really tasty cheese than you can eat by itself, this probably isn’t the one for you.


          Rating: 3/5


     2)    Sainsburys Deliciously Freefrom Grated Cheddar  -  Firstly, the name of the product is insanely optimistic. ‘Delicious’ is not a word I would ever use when describing this product. Quite the contrary. I found this product to be quite simply, awful. The texture wasn’t too bad, but the flavour was unpallatable. To me, it genuinely reminded me of vomit. I tried it on its own, and also, melted on pizza, and I couldn’t stand it in either setting. I think it was slightly better cold, but I wouldn’t spend that much money on such an awful, supposed, imitation of cheese. In my opinion, there are far better cheeses out there, don’t bother.


         Rating: 1/5


     3)   Follow Your Heart Smoked Gouda Style Slices  -  This is easily the best dairy-free cheese I have tasted so far. Perhaps not for everyone, given that smoked cheese is an acquired taste, but I feel they absolutely mastered the flavour. The texture was good, and the flavour, even better. The creaminess of the ‘Gouda’ came through, and the smokey taste only enhanced this, but was never too strong. I enjoy these slices cold, on their own, in sandwiches or wraps, and also, they work incredibly well if you melt them too. I think they are absolutely delicious on a burger of your choice, or on toast to make cheese on toast. This brand does other flavours of cheese, including garden herb, pepperjack, provolone, chedder, and many more. Follow Your Heart offer the best quality cheese you are likely to find in any shop. They are available online and in health food stores.


       Rating: 5/5


    4)   Vio Life For Pizza  -  This product is significantly better than the cheese slices the company produce. I genuinely enjoy a slice of this cheese much more than their designated cheese slices. That aside, this cheese indeed does what it claims to do; it works well on pizza. It can be grated to cover a pizza base, and it melts well, without forming clumps or bubbling and subsequently burning. It has a subtle, creamy, cheesey flavour, that really does work very well on a pizza. The only downside is that it is a little tough to grate, but overall, I would say that it is worth it for the taste. You can find this cheese in health stores and online, and in some larger supermarkets.


        Rating: 4/5



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