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Dabeluchi Nnachetam

Dabeluchi Nnachetam


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About Me: Hello, I'm Dabbie (short for Dabeluchi). I am a student at Dartford Grammar School for Girls. I love reading mystery books, and solving the mystery with the author. I hope you enjoy reading my stories.

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Back in the tower of Justice, Batman and superman were - as usual - arguing about who gets the last crisp. Green lantern and flash were competing against each other for Wonder Woman, who was trying to get a beauty sleep, through a series of tests. Aqua man was doing his morning underwater routine. Cyborg was working on an upgrade. 

Beep! Beep! Beep! The crime alert rang in the tower of justice and everyone ran into the meeting hall; soon after, they departed according to plan.

“I should have expected it. Harley Quinn.” Batman muttered under his cold breath.

“Well this is gonna be even more exciting when I send you flying along with your little crew.”

“GO! GO! GO!” Batman shouted.

Superman flew high. Really high. Harley Quinn looked at her other opponents. Without any hesitation, Wonder Woman slapped Harley with her golden rope, as it lit up. Wonder woman didn’t back down, she continually attacked her enemy. Cyborg started to blast her with his newly upgraded arm. Unfortunately his arm was experiencing a malfunction. Harley pulled wonder woman’s rope and swung her back, making her knock out Cyborg. Green lantern used his ring to draw out a sword. They fought and then she tripped him over with a banana peel. She threw a sweet at him. As it landed, it enlarged and stuck him hard on the ground. Batman ran over to him with a bottle of water, sprinkled some salt in and poured over green lantern. Remember superman. Well he cane crashing down hard like a comet. Superman got hotter as he approached earths atmosphere. So when he finally hit Harley. She feinted. Batman used his bat-arrows to keep Harley down. Flash quickly tied her hands behind her back and followed by his team, they lead the prankster into jail.

“Another criminal in jail. Well done Justice League.” He monologued. 

Cyborg sulked as he made his way home. “I just messed up. I’m such a failure!” He moaned. At hearing this, Superman flew to meet Cyborg. “ Hey buddy, don’t be so hard on yourself. You are only a kid. You have still so much to learn and since when did you see someone as advanced as you?”

“You are just saying that to make me feel better about myself.” He slouched.

“Trust me. I couldn’t lie even if I wanted to.” He smirked. Cyborg laughed. “You will get there. It will just take some time.” He patted Cyborg on the back and flew off. Cyborg couldn’t forget how he had failed the team. He stayed up all night perfecting his arm but remained unsuccessful. He was so stressed that he didn’t notice the tiptoes of an intruder. The tiptoes of Jedi-Sis. Jedi-Sis crept up behind Cyborg and pinched his elbow. He stood over the 1/2 robot’s unconscious body. He spun transforming into Cyborg. The clone let out an evil laugh and wandered. He ran off into the night sky carrying the bag that he stole from Cyborg’s room.

7 O’Clock. 8 O’Clock. 9 O’Clock. Cyborg was still asleep. It was the repetitive crime alert that threw him out of his dreams and into the real world. He ran into the meeting hall and slid on the slippery floor. Hitting the door with a BANG! “Cyborg, I’m pleased that you could make it. We needed to talk -“ superman was interrupted by Batman. “Where were you last night?”

“ I ... umm ... was ... er ... in my room perfecting my arm.” He stammered. Wonder Woman stepped forward. “All night?”

“Yes. Why?” 

“There have been several sightings reported of you trespassing, stealing and torturing the citizens. You do know this is unacceptable, right?” Batman explained.

“But I didn’t do it!” He protested. Batman sighed heavily. “If you say so but for safety we will have to lock you away until you are proven innocent.” Cyborg was horrified. He looked up and his rocket boots lifted him up and out. They all looked up and watched him exit their presence. Wonder Woman looked down and said, “Now what?” 

Batman simply replied, “Now? Now we find him and prove him innocent.” They nodded and departed to their stations without a single sound.

“Lock me away? How absurd! Why couldn’t they believe me!” Cyborg exclaimed as he flew off.

“Mwah! Ha! Ha! This is all going according to plan!” Jedi-sis laughed as he looked in from outside the door. “Another nice expensive watch won’t hurt.” With that, he escaped keeping low on the ground to avoid being caught.

“CYBORG! What - “ 

“I knew it.”

“How could you?” 

“Well I guess you don’t know me well enough.” Jedi-Sis smirked. “Neither did I know this watch looked so good on me.”

“Well you don’t know me well enough.” 

They all turned around. Cyborg stood with his hand holding the ground to support his landing with one leg on the floor and the other was up. He looked up at them and slowly rose to his feet. “But I know me better.” He slowly walked towards Jedi-Sis who prepared himself for battle. “Guys, trust me and wait for my command.” He whispered to them from the side of his mouth. He turned to face himself. “I know more than you ever will.”

“What are you gonna do now? It’s not like you can defeat me. You should just step aside before you mess anything else up.” He pushed Cyborg 

“ rigescunt indutae!” Jedi - Sis rolled his eyes and jumped to attack and as he drew his sword. His legs froze. He fell mid-air. He tried to move his legs. They were stuck. He looked up. “You!”

Cyborg replied calmly, “Yes. Me.” The clone slowly felt his limbs go frozen.”

“Ah! Freeze in Latin. He used it against himself. Smart move!” Superman explained.

“Go! Go! Go!” Batman called out.

“Regelo!” Superman exclaimed. 

He walked over to Jedi-Sis - who was all tied up. “I’m sorry, who knows who?” The Justice league crowded him with praise; they celebrated him much more when the arrived at the tower of justice after throwing Jedi-Sis in jail. 





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