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Coronation Chicken Rolls

Coronation Chicken Rolls

This is a classic British sandwich filling, which you can serve in bread rolls with some fresh coriander and pomegranate seeds to decorate. For the best flavour make the day before and leave in the fridge over night.


Difficulty level: - 2/5



4 Spring Onions

1 Tbsp. Olive Oil

1 Tbsp. Korma Curry Paste (a generous amount)

1 Tbsp. Tomato Puree

120ml Mayonnaise

120ml Crème Fraiche or Greek Yoghurt

6 Cooked Chicken Breasts

Saffron Threads (best when soaked in 2 tbsp. hot water for a few minutes)

3 Tbsp. Pomegranate Seeds (optional)

Handful of Chopped Mint and Parsley



1) Heat the oil and curry paste in a small frying pan. Slice the spring onions and add them to the pan and cook them until they are soft.

2) Take the onions off the heat and add the puree and the saffron and the water they were soaking in. leave this mixture to cool.

3) Mix the now cooled contents with the mayonnaise and the crème fraiche or yoghurt. Then stir in the chicken.

4) Then to serve mix most of the mint and coriander into the chicken mixture, then spoon into rolls or onto bread.

5) Then to decorate or for show sprinkle with the Pomegranate seeds and some of the mint and parsley.

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