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Competition Time

Competition Time

   This issue's competition is going to be focused on poetry, as National Poetry Day is coming up this month. When it comes to writing poetry there are no limits, there is no structure, there isn't a right of wrong way of writing. Many think that poems have to rhyme, e.g. The cat looked at the hat, and had a chat with a bat. However, this is not necessarily true, poems can rhyme if you want them to, but they do not have to.


The type of poetry which you creative people are going to work with is shape poetry!

Competition Time

   If you look to the right, you can see an example of 'Shape poetry'. This is a poem about an umbrella, in the shape of an umbrella. Your poem can be any shape, but it has to look like what you are describing. For example, you could do a snake and talk about his slimy scales, or you could do a clock and describe its tick tock. Whatever you choose to do, be as imaginative as possible.


Good Luck!

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