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Selina Pascale

Selina Pascale


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About Me:I'm a graduate student studying International Criminal Law and first started writing for King's News almost 4 years ago! My hobbies include reading, travelling and charity work. I cover many categories but my favourite articles to write are about mysteries of the ancient world, interesting places to visit, the Italian language and animals!

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It’s time to learn colours in Italian but don’t fret, this is probably one of the easiest and funnest things to learn and once you’ve memorised a few colours you can try our very own crossword below!



Rosso - Red

Giallo - Yellow

Rosa - Pink

Verde - Green

Arancione - Orange

Viola - Purple

Blu - Blue

Grigio - Grey

Nero - Black

Bianco - White

Marrone - Brown

Argento - Silver

Oro - Gold

Beige - beige



Nerissimo - black as night

Essere d'umore nero - to be in a black humour = to be very sad/depressed

Vedere tutto nero - to be very sad

Lavoro nero - to work on the black (illegally)

I gialli (the yellows) – these are crime/ detective stories and films and are called ‘I gialli’ as the books were first published with a yellow cover

pasta in bianco - pasta without the usual tomato sauce

Diventare bianco – to turn white



Rosa pallido - pale pink

Verde acqua - turquoise green

Celeste - baby blue

Bianco sporco – off-white

Light blue – Blu chiaro/ azzurro

Dark blue – Blu scuro/ blu marino


A great way to learn colours in Italian is through games! Why not ask your friend to point to random objects so you can then say the colour in Italian? If you’re the sporty type you can also try another game which used to be one of my favourites: one person calls out a colour (in Italian) then everybody else races to touch an object of that colour. For example if someone says ‘Giallo’ we all have to touch something yellow, like a yellow flower. The first person to do so wins! For those who prefer staying indoors why not  try King’s News’ very own crossword below!



Can you find the following words in the crossword below?

Rosa; giallo; blu; arancione; nero; bianco; rosso; verde; giallo; viola.


A  Y  G  S  V  E  R  D  E  I  A  F  H  E  I  P  Q  A  L  H

R  U  H  R  A  I  P  O  N  L  M   S  R  E  D  A  Z  V  E

A  O  D  T  Y   J   U  E  C  K  P  A  V    O  S  G  W   X

N  Y   S   G  I  A  L  L  O B  V  S   I  N  H  X  U  P  Y O

C  T   R  S  P U  E  Y  C  L   J L  T  F  J  O  L   S  R   A 

I   L  U  F  R  O  G  S  E  U  N  E  R  O  U  T  B  F  K  P

O U  F  G O  M  B  N  C  U  I  W  G L  A  F  R  Y  H  A

N  G  S  I  S  B  I  A  N  C  O  U  I  T  D  S  H  L  I  D  C

E  E  D  F  A  F  T  H  U  F  A  J  K  B  C  N  S  M  Z  Y 

O  P  T  R 0 H  Y  R  E  H  I  G  J  F  B  P  O U  A  R  G



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