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    As I'm unable to use a paintbrush adequately, or at all in fact, collaging is my first port of call. If you want to do something arty but you too were told by your secondary school art teacher to give the subject a miss, collaging is for you. You can use anything to collage – from pens and pencils to glitter and even hair dye – but it's best to start with some sturdy paper and a stack of magazines. I've included a couple of photos of past collages to give you an idea.


You will need:


Glue or blue tac (blue tac is a good last resort)

Card/thick paper


Pens/pencils/paints (I use nail varnish sometimes, but your parents might not be OK with this - Best to ask first)


How to make a Collage??

    The beauty of collaging is that it's all up to you. You can make anything you like. Generally, I begin with setting out the equipment I am going to use and then rifling through magazines, cutting and sticking as I go. If you're of the more organised sort, you might want to come up with a theme beforehand – maybe you want to make a person on the page out of lips and eyes and bodies from make up ads, or maybe you want to make a house, or maybe something that only makes sense to you.


Collaging tips:

- Even if you think your collage has gone wrong, remember that a collage can be literally anything and doesn't have to make sense!

- You can alter everything you're working with. If a picture doesn't fit, cut it in half. Cut it into strips and arrange them next to each other in a new way. Doodle over the page. Write out interesting words or song lyrics. It's yours.

- If you can't find anything you like in magazines, print out some pictures of things you do like and incorporate them into your masterpiece.

- Make sure to tidy up as you go. There's nothing more daunting than a pile of endless paper clippings.


Have fun - there are no rules!




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