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Clothes Bank Donation

Clothes Bank Donation

Donation to charity, is something you can easily do without any organisation or money. We’ve already looked at what goes into making a successful food drive, but here’s something on a smaller scale that you can do at home without having to organise anybody else (except maybe a parent to drive you to the clothes bank).


Lots of charities have big clothes bins that they place around cities and towns for people to donate to. You’ll usually them in the car parks of supermarkets and leisure centres, though occasionally they’ll be in town centres too! This way, the next time you go shopping or swimming you can take your clothes to donate along and pop them in the bin without too much hassle.


All you have to do is go through your clothes to find anything that doesn’t fit, or you never wear, or don’t like, and put it to one side. Make sure everything in the pile is of a good quality (no holes etc) and make sure it is all clean. Once you’ve done this you can put the unwanted clothes in plastic bags, the ones you get from supermarkets work well, then tie the bags up and you’re ready to go.


If you’re sorting your clothes out, it might be an idea to tell you siblings and parents about what you’re doing too… they might have things to add to your selection. Once you’ve put the clothes in the donation bins you’re unwanted things will go to a new home, or might go to factories to be made into new clothes. It will usually say on the donation bin where exactly the clothes will go, so if you have a particular preference you can find this out that way. Equally, you could talk to local charity shops to see if they would like your unwanted clothes.


So there you have it, spring cleaning and helping charity in one afternoon!

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