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Climate Change Part 3

Climate Change Part 3

The UK will be affected by global warming in both positive and negative ways. There are positives such as more farming/ plantations and tourism but there are negatives such as flooding and other hazardous dangers. There are more negatives than positives so if global warming continues to occur, this will have a bad effect on the UK.


In the world, there are more negatives than positives and it will have a large affect off the world. The only continent which will benefit is Africa, and because they are a less economically developed continent this would boost up their economy. Whilst the rest of the world would face problems.



Increase in farming in Africa



increase in pack ice in Greenland area

Decrease in harvest in North America and Asia

Storms in the Caribbean

Decrease in fishing catch near South America

Rise in sea level

Poor rice crop in Asia

Northern ports become Ice free

Short wet winters, long dry summers in the northern hemisphere



The Greenhouse Gas effect


What is it?

The greenhouse effect is a natural process by which some of the radiant heat from the sun is captured in the lower atmosphere of the Earth, thus maintaining the temperature of the Earth’s surface. The gases that help capture the heat are called ‘greenhouse gases.’ Some are emitted from natural sources, others are anthropogenic, resulting from human activities.


What is the enhanced greenhouse effect?

An increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere results in more heat being retained and an overall warming of the earth’s temperature. Although they make up a small percentage of atmospheric gases, changes in the concentration of greenhouse gases have a huge effect on the balance of natural processes.


How does it work?

There are two components in the greenhouse effect- a natural one caused by the amounts of greenhouse gases naturally found in the atmosphere- and a a man- made one caused by the amounts of greenhouse gases that man adds to the atmosphere as a result of his activities.



Different parts of the UK experience slightly different regional climates, this is due to the air masses. An air mass is a large body of air that originally developed over a source regions, e.g. North Africa- it may move away from the source due to atmospheric processes.


As the planet heats, climate patterns change, with more extreme and unpredictable weather across the world- mainly places will be hotter, some colder. Some wetter, others drier. The extra carbon in the atmosphere has been raising global temperatures, and the speed of change has been faster than any natural process, and faster than many natural systems can adapt.


Drought prone areas will become drier and wet tropical regions wetter, says Intergovernmental Panel on climate change. Food shortages and deterioration of homes and buildings. Damages made will be too expensive to repair and poorer countries will struggle to afford it. Countries with weaker housing will struggle with harsh wether conditions.




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