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Christmas Movies

Christmas Movies

Christmas is coming, and the shelves are filling up. No; not with food, decorations, or presents- rather, with DVDs. Christmas movies, and TV specials galore, already being sold to light the Christmas-spirit spark. Netflix have set aside the 'Christmas movie' genre, and we are beginning to spend out evenings snuggled up by the fire, hopefully with chocolate, and certainly with a Christmas Classic. Listed below are five of my favourite family Holiday films, with the hope that they will help your Christmas be that little bit more magical. 


The Muppets Christmas Carol

This film is essentially what the title suggests: Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" re enacted with complete muppet cast. With Kermit as Bob Cratchit, and acclaimed actor Michael Cain as Ebeneezerr Scrooge, the fun, friendly muppet crew tell a tale for all ages to here, the occasional, typical moments of light hearted comedy acting as relief for Dickens' highly moral, and a little drawn out, story. Probably one of the best Muppet films, this is certainly a family favourite for the Holidays. 


Arthur Christmas

A slightly different take on Christmas, "Arthur Christmas" offers a more modern Holiday tale. Our protagonist is Arthur, son of the current Father Christmas. Unfortunately for the Christmas loving Arthur, voiced by James MacAvoy, he is the second son. Older brother Steve is set to inherit the title; that is, until Arthur is sent on a mission to ensure a lost present is delivered- which may very will determine his future, and the future of Christmas itself.



Like "A Muppet's Christmas Carol", this is very much a Christmas Classic. Our protagonist, Buddy, is as the title suggests, an Elf. Well; an Elf in spirit. In fact, he's a human, adopted by Christmas elves as a baby, and raised in the North Pole. Upon discovering this, Buddy, played by comedian Will Ferrell, takes it upon himself to find his human family, and remind them all of the meaning of Christmas. 


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Since this film's release there has been debate as to whether it is defined as a 'Christmas' movie, or a 'Halloween' movie- but, personally, I think it's acceptable to watch this Tim Burton masterpiece anytime between Ocotber and January. In true Burton style, it's a little scary, but wonderfully clever, as the ruler of Halloween Town, Jack Skellington, discovers Christmas land, marvelling at the strange and beautiful decorations. Determined to bring this wonder to his town, Jack is a little too over enthusiastic, and has to try and save Christmas, as well as his fellow inhabitants of Halloween town. 


Home Alone

Another family classic, 'Home Alone' stars 8 year old Kevin, who is accidentally left, as the title suggests, home alone by his family as they fly to Paris for Christmas. at first, Kevin relishes being by himself- but the appearence of two burglars attempting to rob his house force Kevin to take actions. The numerous booby traps set up by the child are both innovative and humorous, and the return of the boy's family a reminder that familial love is really what Christmas is all about. 



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