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Christmas Is Here

Christmas Is Here

Christmas is here,

a time for cheer,

for Santa and his elves,

and all his reindeer.

Smile all the day,

as the snowflakes fall,

Winter is coming,

brace yourselves hide indoors.

Stay warm and stay cosy,

there's no sense being cold,

your hands will freeze,

and your cheeks will be rosy.

Instead stay at home,

with the family all close,

and enjoy that delicious,

Christmas Day roast.

Roast Turkey and stuffing,

the best of potatoes,

even brussel sprouts,

and finish with a muffin.

Or perhaps christmas pudding,

warm and with custard,

just whatever you do,

don't mistake it for the mustard!


With stomachs quite full,

the family retire,

to the sofa and TV,

and light up the fire.

As the ashes burn,

and the snow falls outside,

ask yourself friends,

this past year, what have we learnt?

For every year is sacred,

every day, every week,

remember that this Christmas,

and easy you shall sleep.

For when we think what we have learned,

we recognise our purpose,

we are all clever clogs,

so do yourself a service.

Try your best at school,

at work, at home, with friends,

just ensure you're always,

a pleasure to be around.

For there's no reason to be grumpy,

or feel stress and dismay,

take it from me,

the world runs better that way.

So be good this Christmas,

and have a merry new year,

Santa is coming,

and so is festive cheer!


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