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Christmas Gift DIYs

Christmas Gift DIYs

As Christmas is fast approaching, everyone and their grandma are desperately searching for the perfect present to give their friends and family. Of course, students, and others who are short on cash, are not only looking for the most suited present, but also the cheapest. The following DIYs offer quick, fun, and inexpensive ways to show someone how much they mean to you. Hopefully, you'll find one in time for that special day, which will make the person you love as happy as they deserve.


For The Lush Lover

Gingerbread sugar scrub is a wonderful present for those who adore bath and body products- and is ridiculously easy to make! Take 200g of brown sugar, and some coconut or olive oil (whichever you prefer!) mix it together to form what just looks like slight moist sugar, before adding some cinnamon and ginger spice. Fill a mason jar with the mixture, or a jam jar, or any type of glass container, before tying a beautiful ribbon around it! Something that will make them both smell and feel beautiful, the gingerbread sugar scrub may be the DIY present for you! 



For The Accessory-a-holic

Minimalism is definitely in style, and these bracelets are not only cheaper than the ones in store, but their home-made quality makes them that much more thoughtful! First, cut a 40cm long piece of string or yarn (whichever material you want to make your bracelet!) and tie a small knot a third of the way down. Next, slide the beads on in the order that you want, before  tightly tying another knot on the other side of the beads, to keep them in place. Now, line up the ends of the string so they overlap, tying each end two cm down from the other end. This allows adjustable size! Easy and quick, these bracelets are a great gift to give.


For the Candle Crazy

Dipped candles are a beautiful way to lighten up someone's room, and they are so easy to make! Take some wax, possibly from an old candle, and melt it. Next, shave off a little of any coloured crayon, stirring it into the still melting mixture until it has a consistent colour. Finally, take a white candle of any size, and holding the top, dip the bottom of the mixture. These look gorgeous, and will be accepted gratefully by the candle lover in your life! 


Hopefully, these will help you figure out what to get the 'difficult to buy for'! Finding the perfect gift is exceedingly challenging, and even more so when you are on a budget- so I hope that this article is able to aid in some way! Merry Christmas, and happy crafting! 



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