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Choosing a Charity: Part One

Choosing a Charity: Part One

   So, we’ve given you a few ideas for charity fundraisers so far, but no charities to donate to! If you’re struggling to find a charity to work with, we’ve brought you a few to look at. We will be giving you more and more suggestions as the months go on, so don’t fret, if you can’t find a charity here that pulls on your heart-strings (unlikely) then there are more to come!


British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation is a UK charity with the aim of stopping premature death via heart disease in the UK. Founded in 1961 by a group of doctors, they work daily to achieve this goal by funding and undertaking research, actively helping prevention and offering care to those suffering and affected by the disease. The British Heart Foundation work closely within communities and rely on the general public’s help immensely to help fund their work. The money you help to raise could bring an individual relief from their pain, could help prevent the development of heart disease in children, or even help to find a cure!


EllenorLions Hospices

EllenorLions Hospices provide hospice care for adults and children in Dartford, Gravesham, Swanley, Bexley, Maidstone, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, and so is local to the homes of this magazine’s writers. This charity is a combination of two which merged in November 2007: The Ellenor Foundation and The Lions Hospice. The Ellenor Foundation was founded in 1985 by Graham Perolls after his parents died. The Lions Hospice was founded in 1983 when an anonymous donation of £200, 000 was given to Lions clubs. The running of EllenorLions Hospices costs over four million pounds each year, yet services are free of charge to patients. Therefore, the Hospices desperately need funding all year round of which they do some themselves, but ask the general public to help them where they can – you never know if one of your friends or family might need their care one day.

List of Worthy Charities Desperately need your Help

Make A Wish Foundation

Make A Wish are a foundation who grant children and teenagers with life-threatening conditions a wish of their choice. They aim to grant every single wish that is asked of them. Indeed, in the UK alone, Make A Wish have granted over 8100 wishes in around 26 years! Often and sadly, the experiences of Make A Wish are the last time a child’s family get to see their child excited and genuinely happy, like a child should be. The Foundation has a huge number of celebrity supporters ranging from Jenson Button, to Dani Harmer, to Jude Law and Amanda Holden! However, support from you is just as important and just as valued!


National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT)

NAWT is a charity which aims to rescue and re-home any animal that is being abused or mistreated or left stray. They recognise the need for a suitable environment and diet, and the need to protect animals from pain, suffering, injury and disease just as a person needs. NAWT provides shelter for the animals they find or rescue and do their best to find new and loving homes for them. This charity relies solely on the support of the general public (that’s you!) and warmly welcomes all the help it can get. It is said to cost around £10,000 a day to run NAWT, which has to be supplied outside of government help. Could you help this cause?



All of these worthy charities desperately need your help. Let us know if you’ve picked any of these suggestions to donate to and what you did to raise your money!

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