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Bolatito Oshewa

Bolatito Oshewa


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About Me:Hi, my name is Tito. I am an thirteen year old student at City of London School for Girls, in the Barbican, London. I love writing for Kings News as it helps me improve my writing skills. I hope you enjoy my articles and find them interesting!

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Child Genius

Child Genius

Child Genius

Hi! I am Augustus Williams. I am a ten year old certified child genius. I know that sounds egotistic; nevertheless, it is completely true. I run my house, file the tax returns, and make sure everything is neat and organised. My parents barely do anything. I have two siblings; one little sister, called Phoebe, who is eight years of age; and one younger brother called James, who is four. I go to Oxford University, studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Yes, you read that correctly, I am a ten year old second-year university student. I get quite a few looks in my classes! Now on with the story…

Today was an abnormal day. And I don’t say that often. My whole life is always organised and predictable, down to every little detail. But there was a new girl in school today. She is 9, and takes the same classes as me. I’ve never met another child genius before, so I wanted to get to know her. Our first exchange wasn’t as friendly as I hoped:

‘Hi! I’m Claire. Who are you?’ she exclaimed, after coming up to me after double Politics.

‘I’m Augustus.’ I said very timidly. It was absurd that I was shy around a girl a year younger than me.

‘Are you a certified genius?’ she asked. Wow. She’s very direct. Very.

‘Yes I am. I’m guessing you are as well, considering the fact that you are in Oxford University, as a nine year old girl.’

Correct. Do you want to have lunch with me after next period?’

I could barely speak. I just nodded. After Economics, I rushed to the lunch hall to collect my food and find Claire. I saw her at the back of the room, her nose in a book, studying for our test next week. She looked kind of cute with her concentration face on. I went up to her, said hello and proceeded to eat my lunch. I was way too interested in my sandwich, and kept looking up to watch Claire. Finally we engaged conversation.

‘So, what is your favourite book?’ she enquired.

This was a question I had been asked so many times. I said, ‘Barack Obama: Dreams of My Father.’

‘Mine too!’ she exclaimed.

This is amazing! Someone like me! I can’t wait to see where this goes.

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