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Charity Volunteering

Charity Volunteering

I’m not quite sure how I’ve made this humungous compendium of charity fundraisers and ways to help charities without talking about volunteering. So, here we are. Volunteering is offering your services to a person, community or society for free, without reimbursement. That means that, although you’re not raising money for charity personally, you’re helping the charity by giving your time to help instead.


Charities offer opportunities for volunteering in many different places. You can get volunteering work in charity shops, sorting through the second hand items given in for sale, shelving, or at the cashpoint. Equally, some charities ask for volunteers at events they host. When there are charity run walks, runs, or bike rides they always need volunteers to hand out water and help with the overall running of the day.


Some charities ask for volunteering with the people they work with. You might volunteer to read with disadvantaged children, or go for walks with the elderly, or all sorts of little things that you can do in your community to help. You might also volunteer to help clean your town, or volunteer as a youth worker to be at the centre of your community’s service to people.


There is an abundance of opportunities if you just look for them. The best way to find out about these opportunities is to google the charities near you, and see what they’re asking for help with. Then all you’ll need to do is contact the charity and offer your services! You might need to supply a CV or cover letter saying why you want to help and tell them of your fundraising experience! But your parents will definitely be able to help you with that!


Let us know here at Kings what volunteering you’ve got up to, and what the experience was like for you! If you write it in article form, we may even publish your experiences!

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