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The Raffle

The Raffle

Here’s a fundraiser we’ve all heard of, and probably participated in, before. The Raffle. If you’ve ever gone to a school event, or awards presentation, or a summer fair, you’ll have heard of it. We do them in my karate squad at competitions to raise funds for our international competitions, and they always give us a tidy sum to put away with little cost to us. Here’s your checklists to pull off the perfect raffle:


 - An event to sell your tickets at

 - A ticket book

 - A pot with change in and to keep money in

 - A selection of prizes

 - A loud person to announce the winners at the end of the event


Having an event to set your raffle up at is very important because it means you have a pool of possible customers to sell to. If you’re at a fair for instance you can set up a stall which displays your prizes and that you can buy tickets at. At some other events it might be better to send people round to sell the tickets. When my squad did their raffle, we sent around the tiny children and the friendliest adults to sell the tickets as they seemed to be more persuasive. One of the girls managed to sell 100 tickets all on her own!


A ticket book will cost you around a pound. You may want to buy more than one, but that depends entirely on the size of the event you’re raffling at. It’s up to you how much you sell your tickets for. I’d suggest selling one ticket for 50p, and a strip at a £1 that way you’ll sell more tickets and drum up more interest in the raffle as your buyers will feel like they have a bigger chance of winning something for less money.


When you sell the tickets, remember to write down the name of the person who bought them on the back of the remaining strip or ticket in the ticket book. That way when you mix them all up, the tickets you draw out will have the winners name on them, just in case they don’t hear their number called.


For your prizes you have two options. You can buy them yourself and hope the raffle covers the coat of the prizes and still gives you enough to give to charity, or you can ask around for any gifts people have been given that they’ve never used and make little prize selections. You can end up with the strangest selection of items, for example, one we had at our last raffle was a dog ramp, but you would tend to end up with bottles of alcohol, bath sets, books, biscuits, and the like. Equally you can do a mashup of collection and bought items. Just make sure that everything is in great condition so that people actually want to buy the tickets for a chance to win the gifts.


Lastly, at the end of the event you need a loud person to draw tickets out of a box or a hat and announce the winners of each item. Once this is done you can count up all the money you made and send it off to the charity you raised the money for. So there you go, a simple yet effective fundraising scheme. Give it a go!

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