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Pamper Evening

Pamper Evening

When I was at secondary school, the PTA used to hold a pamper evening nearly every term to raise money for whatever they were trying to buy for the school. They were always quite successful, particularly because I went to a girl school where pampering is probably more popular than in a mixed or boy school. Also, it’s aimed towards the parents on the students, though the students are invited, so there’s a bigger range of people to contribute. You could easily set up your own pamper evenings, be it with your friends and mums friends, or through the school, and I’m here to tell you how.


First off, here’s what you’ll need:


 - A date, time, and venue

 - A selection of around ten stalls

 - Volunteer stall runners

 - Customers


It sounds simple, doesn’t it? It’s not quite as easy as it sounds. If you’re doing your pamper evening through school, your venue will be fairly easy to sort as your school is likely to let you use one of their halls, and their tables etc to make up your stalls. You’ll need to set up the stalls around the room, though it’s better to make these arrangements once you know what will be one them.


The first thing you’ll need to do for this event is to call up local businesses who supply pampering services and ask if they would be interested in running a stall at your event. Explain that it is for charity, so all money raised will go towards fundraising, however, it will be free advertising and mixing with local people who may come to their businesses in future. You may also want to suggest that they use it as extra training for their apprentices, so that they are not losing out too much on their fees. If you can’t find many who are willing to do this you’ll need to ask around at school to see which teachers and parents may have the skills necessary. If you can get ten stalls running that will be perfect.


Next thing to think about is how you want to raise money. You could sell tickets for the evening, and the prices of these tickets will depend on the services you’ve acquired. For example, if you have professionals at every stall, you could price your tickets at around £10 per person, but if not you don’t want to overprice your tickets because no one will come. If you feel like you won’t be able to persuade people to buy tickets, think about doing a 50p entry, and a small price for each treatment. Whatever you do, make sure you send out leaflets and letters from school advertising your night at least two weeks before. You want to drum up as much interest as possible and school letters are a quick and easy way to do that.


So there you go, your basic guide to organising a charity pamper evening. All that’s left to do is enjoy a night of pampering, and to count up and send off the money to your charity!

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