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Charity Newspaper

Charity Newspaper

To raise money for charity, you classically need to produce something which you can sell to people. Ideally, the money you raise will cover the cost of production and leave surplus for donation. Since the conception of this magazine you, the readers, have written us a number of articles, mainly creative writing, and sent them in to our editors. You put a lot of talent and effort into these articles and we truly appreciate it. Your wonderful writing got me thinking, what if you created your own booklet of creative writing to sell for charity? This way you could combine your passion for writing with your passion for charity; the perfect combination! With assess to printing being easy, with printers at school, in your local libraries, and possibly in your homes, an endeavour like this couldn’t be easier! Here’s how you can do it:


Firstly you need to get yourself a team. It’s up to you how many pieces you put in your booklet, though it’s best to have some diversity. Perhaps you could put in some poetry, a couple of news articles, and some creative writing? This part is all up to you! Think about your audience too. Are you selling at school? Make your material target appropriate – write things that your peers will enjoy. Once you have a selection of writing you need to get it edited. It’s possible that students among your team will be able to do this for you. However, it would be best if you could get a teacher to edit the work for you. This way you minimise the possible mistakes that could slip through. Then you need to order the work, write a contents and ask your editor to write an editor’s note. Once you’ve done all of this, you’re half way there.


So, you’ve got all your work typed up and edited. Now you need to make it look good. The easiest software to use to make this happen would be Word or PowerPoint, however if you have access to more advanced technology that works just as well! Put in colour and pictures and make sure you have something in or on your booklet to identify that it’s been created for charity. Once this is all done, you need to print them out. Consider how many people you’re likely to sell to when you’re printing. If you think it will be a very large number, ask at school if they will print your work for you. They may be able to print your booklet for a discounted price or even for free!


Now it’s time to sell! How you price your booklet will depend on how much work you’ve collated. For example, if it’s the size of a newspaper, you might price it at £2.50. You can sell at a stall, or take them round at lunch and sell them by hand. Some schools may even let you go round at registration and sell them then! Make sure you have a float so that you can give your customers change. It’s up to you how long you sell them for. You could make it a one off, or even start a school paper for charity and create monthly issues. Whatever you decide, all that’s left to do is send your charity the money you’ve raised. Good luck!

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