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Get your hair cut for charity!

Get your hair cut for charity!

This charity fundraiser is not for the faint hearted! Getting your hair cut can be a scary enough experience as it is, but for this fundraiser to be successful you need to go for a drastic change. One celebrity we all know who's done the charity chop is Jessie J! This is one for the girls with long hair and boys who are known for the care they take with their hair. If either of those fit your description and you want to raise some serious money for charity, keep reading!


Girls! There are a lot of places that you can sell your hair to, so first, with the help of your parents, find out as much as you can about different places who will buy your hair and for how much. Most won’t buy your hair if it’s coloured and will only buy a certain length or more. This can be your first bit of cash towards your charity fund. However the big money will come from the sponsors which is why this fundraiser works well for boys too.


Before you start planning anything, make sure you really really want to do it. Although you know your hair will grow back, this can take a long time and people tend to look very different with new hairstyles. However, many say they feel liberated when they shed their mane, and when you do it for whichever good cause you choose, you can hardly regret the decision.


So, now you’ve decided to go for the cut. Make sure you’ve found a hairstyle you want to change to. This way you’ll know you’ll still look great, even with your locks on the floor. If you want to go the extra mile, you could shave your head entirely, but I’d think that would be an idea for the boys more than the girls. Book your appointment, set the date for in about a month, and start fundraising.


Get your cause out there. Tell your friends, family, schoolmates, teacher, workmates, anyone and everyone what you’re doing and why. Be prepared for a lot of people to tell you not to do it and ignore them. At the same time, expect a lot of support. Most people will understand the sacrifice you are making for charity, particularly if you are known to love your hair. Like most fundraisers, sponsorship forms are great, and online fundraising sites are amazing tools to get your message out there and get the funds rolling in. Once you’ve actually had the cut, you’ll probably find even more people will contribute once they’ve seen the drastic difference you’ve made for charity.


All there’s left to do is collect your sponsorship and send off the money to the charity you chose. You may even want to send them a before and after picture so they can see exactly what you did for their cause. Remember, only go ahead with this fundraiser if you’re absolutely sure you want to! Good luck!

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