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Organising a Food Drive

Organising a Food Drive

The Food Drive is an idea for giving to charity only, rather than for fundraising as we’ve been looking at recently. What it consists of is collecting a certain amount of food, the more the better, to give to local charities to provide food for those who need it, be that the homeless, the poor, the elderly, or anyone else who struggles to get the food that they need. You’ll need to google the charities that do this near you to find out whom in particular you can help and call them to make sure they are happy to take food collections, but this should give you some general help as to how to go about organising a food drive.


Assuming you’ve picked a charity, the first think you’ll need to do is get people to help you. Whether you do this through school, with neighbours, with friends, or at a local club you attend, the more people you get involved the better. The beauty of the food drive is that its’ participants don’t necessarily have to buy anything new to give to the drive, although they are welcome to. You need to encourage your participants to see what they have in their cupboards in the kitchen that they can spare. Canned goods are particularly useful as they have a long shelf life, though anything and everything helps, as long as it doesn’t need to be frozen or refrigerated.


Next, you need to get people to bring their goods in, or to you. It’s important that you have somewhere to store everything whilst you collect it so it might be worth talking to your teachers at school to see if you can use the corner of a class room or hall, or make a space at home to store things.


Make sure you have an end date on your campaign. Although it would be wonderful if people gave away food to people who needed it more every day, it’s not a likely prospect on a mass scale. When people have a deadline, they are more likely to meet it. Also, there’s nothing to say you can’t organise another food drive later on in the year!


Lastly, call up the charity and tell them how much you’ll managed to get together. They may offer to come and pick up the goods, otherwise you’ll need to ask an adult to drive you and the things to the base of the charity and help you unload. Either way I’m sure your efforts will be greatly appreciated! Good luck with your food drives! Remember, the more you collect, the more good you are doing for your community!

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