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The Eat Off

The Eat Off

The Eat Off has to be one of the most under thought of, but best ever, ideas for fundraising. It’s the kind of thing you can make a whole event out of! You just have to look at the TV programme ‘Man vs. Food’ to realise the marketability for this fundraiser… and you have all the tools for it at your almost immediate disposal.


The first thing you need is a challenger. I’ve assumed, considering you’re reading this article, that you’ve got a big appetite and you think you’ll be able to eat more than your opponent. Make sure that your challenger is exactly that, able to make the event exciting. Don’t pick someone you know you can beat. Ideally this is a team fundraiser between the two of you. If you both get sponsorship, you double the possible money you can raise.


Next, pick your food of choice. This can be absolutely anything. Remember the idea is to eat as many as you can, so make sure the food is countable. Pasta won’t do because it’s in masses. Pizza, on the other hand, can be counted in slices so works perfectly. You could choose marshmallows, or bananas, or jaffa cakes, or sausage rolls, or digestive biscuits, or doughnuts, or pretty much anything that you can count.


Now you have a challenger and have picked your food, it’s time to make it a real event. Pick a place and time and make it public. You could do this one of two ways: either make it so people can come and watch for a 50p price at the door, or upload a video to YouTube advertising it so you gain sponsors, and then upload the actual challenge. Of course, you could combine these two ideas to make the ultimate Eat Off Event with maximum publicity.


Remember to get sponsors too! With a competition like this it’s good to have the option on your sponsorship forms to give a price per thing you eat. For example, someone might sponsor you 20p for every jaffa cake you eat, and if you eat 50 you’ll get £10. Of course, make sure you have the normal option of sponsoring a bulk amount too, to cover all bases. If you’re planning to put the event footage up on YouTube, it could be a good idea to make an online sponsorship account and to mention the link in the video you upload. This will encourage people who watch the video to sponsor you too… make sure you remember to explain the cause you’re giving the money to and why!


Then, all that there’s left to do it send off the money you collect, and nurse the stomach ache you’ll probably get from stuffing all that food inside you! Good luck and enjoy!

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