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Charity Car Wash

Charity Car Wash

The next on our list of fundraising ideas is the infamous car wash. Undoubtedly, your parents have probably asked you to wash their car before. It is often one of the household chores that falls on the children in a family, one that can be quite fun in reality. Just think, masses of bubbly water, outside, where it doesn’t matter what gets wet! Now you’re listening! To turn this chore into some fundraising fun, you’ll need a handful of things. Namely:


 - Some friends to help out

 - A money box with change in it ready for customers

 - A bucket and sponge per helper

 - Some cleaning fluid

 - A place to wash the cars

 - A swimming costume or clothes you can get soaked


The biggest problem with this list is finding a place to wash the cars. Of course, if you have a big drive way at your house you can use this. If not, maybe you could organise it with the school and use the school parking lot, or maybe organise it with your street so that you can get your customers to park on the street around your house and you can go car to car! With both of these ideas you’re likely to get extra customers because I’m sure you teachers at school or your neighbours on your street would love to get someone else to wash their cars!


You’ll need to set a price per car to wash it too. I would suggest £5 a car, but ask your family members what they suggest, particularly when you factor in the prices of the cleaning products you might have to buy in preparation.


Next step is to get advertising! If you, or your parents, have facebook or other social networking sites like it, you can write up statuses to invite people to your charity car wash! Equally, you can make flyers with the date and time of your car wash and get your parents and other adults you know to distribute it around their friends, and post it through your neighbour’s letterboxes! By posting events on the internet, it’s a really efficient way to tell people about what you’re doing as quickly as possible. But for all the people you invite to get their cars washed, make sure you have the time and resources to deliver! That’s why it’s a really great idea to get your friends involved too! The more hands you have washing, the more you can get done.


Lastly but not least, you need to count up all the money you’ve made making those cars sparkling clean and send it off to the charity of your choice! Maybe take some pictures of your event and send them in too! Or send them to us! We love seeing what you’ve been up to. So that’s it… get your swimming costumes ready and start your charity car wash!

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