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Organising your Fun Run

Organising your Fun Run

We have finally reached the Fun Run! This is one of the most popular and most successful forms of charity fundraising because, like all the best fundraisers, it combines fun and hard work to create an event that people will happily sponsor you for. Obviously, Fun Run’s take place throughout the country probably every day so you could definitely find one near you to take part in, for example the Colour Run is particularly popular, however here and now we’re going to take you through the basics of organising your own super successful Fun Run! You will need:


 - A running route

 - A date and time

 - A team of runners

 - Sponsorship forms

 - A wacky costume

 - Sponsors and supporters


Okay, so assuming you’ve gathered your team, maybe your classmates or a sports team you’re a part of, the first thing you need to do is decide on a date and time. One day in the weekend is probably the best choice as more people will be able to come and watch and join in as they won’t have school or work. Sometime after 12, midday, is probably best too as it gives everybody a chance to get to your venue.


Next stop is picking your route. I would suggest making it 5 kilometres maximum, as if you go any further your spectators might get bored, plus you’ll be super tired! Local parks are a great place to do your Fun Run as you have no restrictions as to what you should wear, and a lot of the people in the park will be family friendly so it will be a suitable place for people of all ages to run. Also, parks are good because you can wear what you want! Mark out your route on bits of paper to give your runners so they don’t get lost! Try and make it simple and easy to follow… the running will be hard enough without getting lost!


Before your event, try and get as many sponsors as you can! You can make sponsor forms in word, where people can write down their names and how much they’re willing to sponsor you. You’d then collect this money after you’ve completed the run. Make sure you invite your sponsors to come and watch or join in! You’ll need the support whilst you do the run as it will motivate you to keep going! Also, make sure you tell people what charity you’re doing your event for. If they know what you’re raising money for, it might sway them to help you more. There are also a number of online sponsorship site you can set up so that people who you won’t see, like far away family members, can sponsor you if they like. Sites like Just Giving are particularly good to look at.


Last but not least you need to make yourself a wacky costume to run in! Make sure you’ve got good trainers to wear so you don’t injure yourself, but other than that anything goes! The last Fun Run I did, I dressed up as a cat and ran with a fairy and two power rangers! You can be anything! Make sure you take lots of water with you on the day… you could even make it into a big picnic! I hope this has helped you plan your perfect Fun Run!

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