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Cat VS. Dogs

When it comes to pets, there is always one question that can divide a room full of close friends. Namely; which are better? Cats? Or dogs? Like almost every person in this world, I have a definite opinion on the subject, but instead or arguing for the clearly superior cats, I’ll try my best to keep an unbiased tone when looking at the argument for each animal. Both are adorable, both can be difficult and expensive to take care of, and both are favoured by unmistakeably different people (there have been several studies on the difference between ‘dog people’ and ‘cat people’). So, what is the argument for favouring the two pets?


Let’s start with how dogs are most commonly known- as “man’s best friend”. This is down to their loyalty, being pack animals, and their usefulness as part of every-day human society. Bomb sniffers, drug sniffers, police, military, and even acting as guide dogs and therapy dogs, these animals are undoubtedly working animals. They even protect their owner’s home from burglars, without any special training. As well as defenders, and carers, they can also entertain, by being trained to do tricks. They endorse a more active, healthy lifestyle, and more social experience, by encouraging their owners to explore the outdoors, and interact with other dog owners. It’s not just the pets themselves; Dog people are rule followers, and they are extremely extroverted, like their pets. Dog owners also love the outdoors, and companionship. Furthermore, whilst dog people are more relaxed, having a dog encourages dog people to be more responsible, demonstrating how having a dog acts to balance out their personality.


If dogs are man’s best friend, cats are man’s mot relaxed friend. They can survive for days without being given attention, or much human interaction, meaning they are not as much of a responsibility. Whilst being nowhere needy as dogs, cats are still affectionate, just more selective. They’ll come for a cuddle when they want one, and leave you alone when they don’t, making cuddle-time all the more special. Furthermore, they have scientifically proven health benefits; their purring improves bone density, and cats are often used as healing animals in hospitals. They’re nowhere as near as dangerous as dogs., and a lot less threatening to children. Whilst cat people are more abstract, and less inclined to follow rules, this is not necessarily a bad thing. They are statistically smarter than dog people, although more introverted. Whilst dog people value companionship, cat people, like their animals, prefer affection from a select group of individuals.  As dogs act as an emotional balance for their owners, so do cats. Whilst cat people are more neurotic, having a cat lowers their levels of stress, demonstrating, once more, how someone’s pet can easily balance out their personality.


No matter a cat person, or a dog person, loving and caring for your pet is certainly a wonderful thing. A great companion, and a good responsibility, both types deserve a lot of love from their owners! 

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