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Cat on Combat Sports

Cat on Combat Sports

After the last few months focus on gymnastics, I think it’s time to look at something different. Combat sports are something that have a massive part of my life, so I thought I’d share some of my knowledge with you. There are HUNDREDS of different martial arts and combat sports around the world today, many of which splinter off from each other, incorporating different aspects of different styles to create their own new one. We’re going to look at some of the most popular combat sports as these are the ones you’re most likely to be able to join locally.


However, before we start the next few months of fighting madness, I thought you might be interested to know a little bit about my own martial arts background. My main fighting style, as anyone who has read my profile here will know, is karate. I started karate when I was just five years old and I’m still doing it now at the age of 19! In the last 14 years I’ve graded to nidan (two above black belt) in one style, and 2nd kyu (two below black belt) in another style. I’ve also got a yellow belt in kickboxing and I hope to do a lot more kickboxing at University this year! That means, in the course of my life I’ve done 22 gradings!


I’m also qualified to teach and coach karate, and compete in competitions regularly. My current medal count is 20 bronze medals, 29 silver medals, and 43 gold medals. Two of those gold medals are World Kata titles, and three are National Kata titles. To compete at this level requires a lot of time, effort and training, both in class and at home, so like any other sport, combat sports require a lot of dedication and motivation to get to top levels.


I have also dabbled in a few other martial arts including taekwondo, aikido, judo, and jujitsu, but not to a competitive level at all. However, I’m ready to do a lot of research to get you guys all the information you could need to pick a combat sport that you like the sound of. This is in no way just for boys. I think I would be the prime example to prove that! Martial arts are an excellent way to learn focus, etiquette, confidence, and dedication, and well as train you in all the physical aspects you’ll learn as you go up the ranks. I hope, in the coming months, I can find you a sport to suit you perfectly!

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