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Capri is an island in the Mediterranean, which many would like to visit, if only they had lots of money. This island is found just of the south western coast of Italy, and staying there comes with a large price tag. While some of the smaller hotels on the island can be reasonably priced, this island is first and foremost designed for the rich and famous, with eating out quite an expensive occasion, and the majority of shops being from high end designers or boutiques. The most expensive hotel rooms are massive suites, some of which include a small private swimming pool, and as you go around the restaurants on the island, you’ll see several with photographs outside showing the restaurant owners with the celebrities who have eaten at the restaurant.

The island is very beautiful and many of the buildings are covered in brightly coloured flowers. Lemon trees grow throughout the islands two main towns, one named Capri after the island itself, and the other, slightly cheaper named Anacapri. The views from both the coast and from up in the mountains are extraordinary and the sea just seems to expand forever off into the distance.

On the coast closer to the second of these two towns is one of the islands most popular attractions, the blue grotto. This is a cave on the edge of the island, which can only be entered from the water on a boat. The entrance above water is so small that you must be lying down in a small rowing boat to enter, while a guide pulls you through the opening. The grotto itself is described as ‘blue’, because the larger opening under the water allows light to enter and reflect up from the white sand at the bottom, creating a bright blue colour on the surface of the water, which illuminates the cave. There are plenty of boat trips from the main island port that will take you around the island to the grotto, but you can also travel there by bus and get into a rowing just outside. The queue can get quite long as the day goes on, so it’s best to get there early in the morning before the crowds appear. The guides will generally take you twice around the grotto and will even offer to take a picture of you with your group inside, so it’s a worthwhile trip.  

Back in Anacapri you’ll also find a chairlift up to the mountain on that side of the island. This is a good trip, offering one of the most spectacular views I’ve ever seen, showing all sides of the island. There’s also a little café at the top so that you can relax a little with the view before making your way back down. It is also possible to walk up, which of course is cheaper and may be fun if you’ve got the whole day, but taking the chairlift will get you there quickly and is quite a nice chance to relax if you’ve already had a busy morning. On my way up, I must’ve taken at least 50 photos because I kept seeing the view and thinking it couldn’t get any better, until a little further up it did!

Back in Capri, you’ll find the Funicular, a sort of train built going up and down the hill, which allows you to quickly and easily visit the Porta Marina, the island’s main port. You’ll find this area is a little cheaper and more down to earth than the central town and it one of the best places to see the sunset as you eat dinner. So, maybe wait until you’re steadily earning in a job, but I still recommend this as a dream holiday destination. After all, there’s a reason it’s become so popular and the prices have grown so high.


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