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Candy land

Candy land

Candy Land!

There was a magical place that everybody loved,a journey that they always enjoyed, a sweet heaven named Candy land! A girl called Lily was very happy, excited to be going there for her first time. She was only four and only two of her front teeth were adult teeth. Lily was beautiful,she had long,brown plaited hair like a choclate slide and always wore pink ballerina dresses every day. This day she went up to her parents and asked," Can I go to candy land?" Her mum and dad nodded and said," You can sweet poochie, but be back in an hour!" Lily frowned,"Just don't call me poochie it's embarassing to the reader." Her mum sighed," Ok Lily."  Lily grinned and ran to the choclate slide. Nobody was on it so she decided to go there. It was like a slide but even faster. People who tried it said that it was as fast as lightning. When Lily arrived she gasped.

"Oh my" cried Lily.Lolipops were trees and the ground was choclate cake and houses were gingerbread houses! Hills were different kinds of marshmellows and you could eat everything there! Lily started right away, she grabbed the peices of choclate cake and munched them down like a hungry mouse. Then, she climbed the lollipop stem and sucked the sweet part of the lollipop. Mmm delicious! She bit the gingerbread houses and even ate one of the gingerbread men. Oops! 30 minutes later, she sat down. Her tummy growled. Lily was pale and stuffed. "Oooh..." Lily moaned,"I dont think I should eat anymore."

Suddenly, Lily heard loud footsteps, which made her heart thump. Lily looked up. It was a giant! It peered down at her and boomed," You must leave you are not one of the gingerbread women,men or children." Lily shivered,"Oh no mr giant I was..." The giant stamped his foot,"LEAVE!" Lily shouted," NO!" The giant fumed with rage and roared. He held Lily tight with his fist, and threw her miles away. Lily screamed! Three minutes later, Lily landed in her mum's arms. Her mum looked up," Wow Lily someone must have flung you back here." Lily laughed hysterically," It's a long story." Her mum kissed Lily on the cheek and took her inside.

Lily never went to candy land ever again.


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