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Dabeluchi Nnachetam

Dabeluchi Nnachetam


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About Me: Hello, I'm Dabbie (short for Dabeluchi). I am a student at Dartford Grammar School for Girls. I love reading mystery books, and solving the mystery with the author. I hope you enjoy reading my stories.

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Bundles of Tears Part 3

Bundles of Tears Part 3

The next day, Ava began to walk home from school. Mr Lanely ran to catch up with her and called out her name. As they began to walk, a wet drop fell in between them. The green fluid splashed on the floor, stopping them dead in their tracks.  “Um, what was that?” Slowly, they raised their heads to see a beast hanging from the trees breathing heavily on their faces.


“Ava, I will tell you what to do. Actually, that depends on if you are even good enough. What do I mean, we are probably doomed because you are our only hope?” 


“Who you calling useless?” Her face turned pale and lifted the tree towards Mr Lanely 


“Ava focus your energy on the monster not me. Look, he is about to attack at three o’clock. Ava turned around and lifted it. She threw it into the trees and when it got up, she spun it around in circles and it flew off into the distance.  


“Good job, Ava.” He said. 


“Thank you, Mr Lanely.” She smiled and walked off into the distance. 


For the rest of the evening, they practised using her powers and concentrating her energy on a particular object. She experienced hidden features and powers and learnt more about the history. The sun had moved through the sky which had changed colour as well when they decided to wrap it up and both go home. Ava smiled as she jumped over the wall and walked down her street. When she entered, her mum bombarded her with questions and calmly, she answered, “I was with my English teacher who was helping me improve my grades. Remember, I told you this morning and I sent you a text.” 


“Oh look, found the message. Silly me, I just got so worried and I am just glad that you are safe. It's just because there is this rumour about a deadly monster going around. I don’t really believe in it but it is best to be safe than sorry so please be careful.” Ava nodded and walked up the stairs and into her room after hugging her mum. 

Mr Lanely continued to teach her after school and started to master her powers. After a few weeks, he decided to teach her a bit more about the monsters. Mr. Lanely taught her about their weaknesses and the different types. Ava slowly began to grow an image of them and came up with all sorts of theories that she wrote about in my English classes. Even though Mr. Lanely rejected the ideas, he still gave her high marks for creativity and imagination. Each day she would add to her board with more information about the monsters connecting them together and to the big question mark in the middle. 


One day, she was telling him her latest and best theory. “What if everybody with depression stands out to these creatures, right? Remember how you said that they have this power that can’t be channelled in any other way. Well anybody would kill for that kind of power. Imagine that kind of power in the wrong hands. It could do all kinds of bad things to this world, like the end of the world. I know that this is a long shot but are the misters coming together, searching for depression to end and enslave the world?” Mr. Lanely stopped dead in his tracks. Ava followed him as they walked into another side of the large bush of trees.  


“Mr. Lanely, are you okay? You are walking into a tree!” Ava shouted at him. She shushed her and walked on. She signalled to her and she followed with a word. He was about 5 cm away from the tree when he checked around but saw no one except Ava and continued walking. Ava was confused but followed willingly. 







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