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Selina Pascale

Selina Pascale


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About Me:I'm a graduate student studying International Criminal Law and first started writing for King's News almost 4 years ago! My hobbies include reading, travelling and charity work. I cover many categories but my favourite articles to write are about mysteries of the ancient world, interesting places to visit, the Italian language and animals!

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Best undrafted NFL Players (part 3)

Best undrafted NFL Players (part 3)


Welcome to part 3 of the best undrafted NFL players for each team! If you haven’t yet read the previous articles go ahead and do so now, but to summarise we’re taking a look at the stars who were overlooked in the draft and worked extra hard to turn their lives around and secure an excellent career in the NFL (National football league). Kicking off today’s article is the AFC (American football conference) South.


Houston Texans:


When you think Houston you think big tough running game in Arian Foster, their RB (running back), and many may be surprised to hear he was originally undrafted! Foster was actually cut by the Texans at first before being resigned in 2009, going on to become their all time rushing leader with 6,472 yards and 54 rushing touchdowns. He spent the majority of his career with Houston and made 4 pro bowls in 8 seasons, even being named All-Pro in 2010 with the NFL’s leading rushing yards in a season of 1616. Crazy to think he was initially cut!


Indianapolis Colts:


A real heart touching story here,  Jeff Saturday, C (Centre) was initially picked up by the Baltimore Ravens after going undrafted in 1998 but he was cut just a couple of months later and was forced to move home to Carolina, picking up work in a shop for a very average wage. It must have been heart-breaking having been initially signed by an NFL team and ready to sign a contract worth millions of dollars a year! Fortunately for Saturday he didn’t give up practising and was picked up by the Colts a year later in 1999 where he became a dynamic duo with legendary QB (quarter back) Peyton Manning, starting 85 games in a row! 


Jacksonville Jaguars:


WR (wide receiver) Allen Hurns was an undrafted free agent when the Jacksonville Jaguars picked him up behind their other WR’s who they had drafted, Allen Robinson and Marqise Lee. Exceeding expectations and soon getting a starting role Hurns went on to surpass both Robinson and Marqise in catches in his rookie season and was only 2 behind Cecil Shorts’ top catches 53 that year. The following season he managed a whopping 64 passes and exceeded 1,000 receiving yards; mightily impressive indeed!


Tennessee Titans:


The best QB (quarter back) to ever play for the Tennessee Titans (then Oilers) is of course the legendary Warren Moon, but believe it or not he was originally undrafted! After going undrafted in 1978 Moon pursued his football career in Canada where he won the Gray Cup (equivalent of the super bowl) 5 times in a row, catching the eye of many, in particular Tennessee who then signed him in to the NFL. The rest is of course history. Moon went on to become a nine time pro bowler, all time franchise leading passer, led the entire league in passing yards and is top 13 all time in QB passing yards! Most importantly historically, Moon overcame diversity struggles in his time playing in America and was the first African American QB inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. These days he is truly a legend. 



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