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Bolatito Oshewa

Bolatito Oshewa


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About Me:Hi, my name is Tito. I am an thirteen year old student at City of London School for Girls, in the Barbican, London. I love writing for Kings News as it helps me improve my writing skills. I hope you enjoy my articles and find them interesting!

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As apprehensive as a dog waiting to its master, I contemplated waiting for my true love to come to me. What if he is dead? What will I do? All these thoughts rushed through my head as fast as lightning. After a while, I accidentally started to drift off to sleep, dreaming about my beloved highwayman… What’s that? Has my gallant and bold highwayman come for me already? (I knew this wasn’t true, however, I tried so hard to believe so.) Despite feeling painfully love-struck for my handsome highwayman, I tried to stay positive.


Suddenly, I heard marching, tumultuous footsteps up the inn’s ancient, frayed stairs. I felt like bursting into thunderous tears; however, I was worried it might not have been someone who was fond of me. Startlingly, King George’s men burst into my humble bedroom, causing a cacophony that could have probably been heard from the other side of our town. As furtive as lightning, I was tied to my bedpost, defiantly kicking and screaming for all I was worth. Although I loved my precious highwayman so much, I couldn’t possibly bare to watch the road like a ribbon of moonlight over the purple moor which my Highwayman would ride along. Then it hit me…King George’s men had tied me there to watch my love die. There had to be another way, another option… I could kill myself and my Highwayman would hear it and turn around. Yes, that was a great idea, I thought to myself. After what felt like years to trying my finger reached the trigger and I looked around. My bedroom, which felt like a dungeon that I couldn’t escape from and with one last deep  breath… I pulled the trigger that ended my life.

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