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Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is the classic 1991 Walt Disney film, with a heart-warming message very typical of Disney that beauty comes from within, and that we ought not to be deceived by appearances. The film is the story of Belle, the daughter of an inventor in a quiet village in France, who dreams of “adventure in the great wide somewhere” and longs for a life greater than just staying in her home town forever. Belle, unknown to her, actually gets her wish when she decides to take the place of her father, who finds himself the prisoner of a monstrous beast, and lets herself be imprisoned instead. The beast and servants have all been kept under a spell, which has transformed them all into objects such as wardrobes, candlesticks, clocks and even teapots, as a punishment for the Beast’s selfishness when he was a prince. This spell is one which can only be broken by a declaration of true love, a hope and wish that is expressed in the award winning song “Beauty and the Beast”. Other well-known songs like “Human Again” in which the characters sing of the day when they hope the spell will be reversed and they will be returned to their normal selves once more are also very uplifting, and show their truly heartfelt plea to return to their true form. As well as an incredible score, and songs which will have you singing for days, the film follows a very strong moral message about looks and how we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. This is also suggested even more in the character of Belle, whose love of books shows us how it really isn’t about what is on the outside that counts, but what lies beneath. As Belle (French for beautiful) and the Beast become closer in friendship and their feelings grow stronger we too forget the image of the beast before us, and start to see the man underneath, highlighting even more the importance of the message surrounding looks and appearances. A Disney film would not be a Disney film without a first class villain, which at first is shown to be the beast, but it soon emerges to be the dashing, strong and conceited Gaston whose love for Belle creates trouble for the Beast. With plenty of magical songs and beautiful animation this is a first class film with many academy and golden globe awards to its name, and will no doubt capture your heart and imagination.     



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