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Basics of the Greek Language, Lesson 9: Jobs and Professions

Basics of the Greek Language, Lesson 9: Jobs and Professions

As you’ll know from your usual, everyday life, asking people what they do for a living is a common topic of conversation, especially if you’ve only just met somebody. It’s the same in Greece! Asking somebody what they do for a living is a simple and easy enough way to continue a conversation, as you might find you have things in common. Even if you don’t have a job, or you’re too young – don’t worry! Asking somebody about what subjects they do at school or what hobbies they have can also be really useful. Next time, we’ll be looking at different hobbies, so you’ll find it even easier to make friends and find common interests.


Work = δουλειά “thoo-lay-a”

What do you do for a living? = Τι κάνετε; “tee ka-net-e?”

I’m… = είμαι… “ee-may”

I work at… = Δουλεύω στο/στην “thoo-lev-o sto/stin”

My job is… = η δουλειά μου είναι… “ee thoo-lay-a mou ee-nay”

Unemployed = άνεργος “a-nergos”

Retired = συνταξιούχος “sintaxi-ou-hos”

Doctor = γιατρός “yiat-ros”

Dentist = οδοντίατρος “othon-tia-tros”

Teacher = δάσκαλος/δασκάλα (if you’re a girl)! “da-skalos/das-ka-la”

Shop assistant = πωλητής “poli-tis”

Builder = οικοδόμος “eeko-do-mos”

Actor/actress = ηθοποιός “ithopi-os”

Plumber = υδραυλικός “idravli-kos”

Electrician = ηλεκτρολόγος “ilektro-lo-gos”

Baker = ψωμάς “pso-mas”

Chef = σεφ “sef”

Bartender = μπάρμαν “bar-man”

Student = φοιτητής/φοιτήτρια (if you’re a girl) “feet-i-tis/feet-eat-ria”

Politician = πολιτευτής “politev-tis”

Office worker = Δουλειά γραφείου “thoo-lay-a ghraf-ee-ou”

Factory worker = εργάτης “er-gha-tis”

Bus driver = οδηγό του λεωφορείου “othi-go tou leofor-ee-ou”

Train driver = μηχανοδηγού “michano-di-gou”

Pilot = πιλότος “pilo-tos”

Air steward = αεροσύνοδος “aero-si-nodos”

Taxi driver = ταξιτζής “taxit-zis”

Police = αστυνομία “astino-mia”

Paramedic = τραυματιοφορέας “travmatio-for-ay-as”

Nurse = νοσοκόμος/νοσοκόμα (female) “noso-ko-mos/noso-ko-ma”

Secretary = γραμματέας “ghramma-tay-as”

Writer = συγγραφέας “sigra-fay-as”

Journalist = δημοσιογράφος “dimosio-ghra-fos”

Hospital = νοσοκομείο “nosoko-me-oh”

Office = γραφείο “graf-ay-o”

Government = κυβέρνηση “ki-ver-nisi”

Shop = μαγαζί “magha-zi”

Supermarket = σουπερμάρκετ “souper-mar-ket”

Theatre = θέατρο “thea-tro”

Professor = καθηγητής/καθηγήτρια (female) “kathi-ghi-tis/kathi-ghi-tria”

I go to school = Πηγαίνω στο σχολείο “pi-yay-no sto schol-ay-o”

I study = σπουδάζω “spou-da-zo”

I go to Athens University = πάω να του Πανεπιστημίου Αθηνών “pao na tou panepisti-miou Athi-non”

My favourite subject is = το αγαπημένο μου μάθημα είναι… “to aghapi-me-no mou ma-thima ee-nay…”

History = ιστορία “istor-ee-a”

Politics = πολιτική “politi-ki”

English = Αγγλικά “angli-ka”

Maths = μαθηματικά “mathimat-i-ka”

Languages = ξένες γλώσσες “xe-nes ghlo-sses”

Science = επιστήμη “epi-sti-mi”

Geography = γεωγραφία “yeogra-fi-a”

Biology = βιολογία “violo-yee-a”

Physics = φυσική “fisi-ki”

Chemistry = χημεία “chi-may-a”

Philosophy = φιλοσοφία “filoso-fee-a”

Sports = αθλητισμός “athlitis-mos”

Music = μουσική “mousi-ki”


As we saw in the last session, many of our English words actually come from Greek. Hopefully you’ll have noticed that when you went through the names of school subjects! For example, “philosophy” comes from the Greek, because in ancient Greek anything with “phil” in it usually meant “love”. As for the last part, “sophy” meant “wisdom”, or “knowledge”. So, if your name is “Sophie”, this also comes from the ancient Greek word for wise! If you’re not called Sophie, not to worry – do a quick internet search and see if your name comes from an Ancient Greek word. It’s fascinating stuff. Next session, it’s time for something a little more fun – hobbies and activities.


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