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Basics of the Greek Language, Lesson 7: Friendly Conversations

Basics of the Greek Language, Lesson 7: Friendly Conversations

Now we’ve had a look at getting by in Greece, and the phrases you’d use to get your daily errands done, why don’t we try making some friends? Having some Greek friends is wonderful, plus you’ll really improve your Greek if you try and talk to them in their own language. Plus, it’s pretty cool to have pen pals. The words and phrases below (combined with more from the earlier lessons) will enable you to have a simple conversation with somebody, by asking how they are and what they are up to.





Hello = γεια σας/σου

Hi = γεια

How’s it going? = πώς πάει; “pos pie?”

What’s up? = τι συμβαίνει; “ti simv-ey-ni?”

How are you? = πώς είσαι; “pos ee-say?”

I’m good = Είμαι καλά! “ee-may ka-la!”

I’m very good = Είμαι πολύ καλά! “ee-may po-li ka-la!

All is well = μια χαρά “mee-ah cha-ra”

I’m okay/so-so = Έτσι και Έτσι “etsy kay etsi”

I’m not very well = Δεν είμαι πολύ καλά “then ee-may po-li ka-la”

How old are you? = πόσο χρονών είστε; “poso chro-non ee-stay?”

I’m… years old. = Είμαι… χρονών “ee-may…. chro-non”

What are you doing? = τι κάνεις; “tee ka-nis”

Where are you going now? = πού πας τώρα; “pou pas tour-a?”

I’ll be right back = Θα είμαι αμέσως πίσω. “tha ee-may ame-sos pi-so”

The cinema = ο κινημα “oh kin-i-ma”

Shopping = ψώνια “pso-nia”

Come with me! = Ελάτε μαζί μου! “ela-te maz-i mou!”


Have a look at this brief conversation. Alice and Helen bump into each other on the street. They say a few words to each other in passing.


Αλίκη: Υεια! πώς πάει Ελένη;

Ελένη: Υεια σου Αλίκη. μια χαρά, ευχαριστώ. Εσύ;

Αλίκη: Δεν είμαι πολύ καλά. Έχω ένα πονοκέφαλο.

Ελένη: Ω, όχι!

Αλίκη: Πού πας τώρα;

Ελένη: θα πάω για ψώνια. Εσύ;

Αλίκη: Το φαρμακείο. Ελάτε μαζί μου!

Ελένη: Εντάξει.


Now, some words in that conversation you won’t recognise, because you haven’t learnt them yet. Not to worry – you should be able to understand the rest of the conversation! So, see if you can guess what they mean, and try pronouncing them for yourself. This is a great way to learn, and you can check if you’re right using the translated conversation below.


Alice: Hi! How’s it going, Helen?

Helen: Hello Alice. All is well, thank you. You?

Alice: I’m not very well today. I have a headache.

Helen: Oh, no!

Alice: Where are you going now?

Helen: I’m going shopping. You?

Alice: The pharmacy. Come with me!

Helen: Okay.


The word for pharmacy is one of the words you’ll see most often in Greece. Like many places in Europe, they have a big flashing green cross to show you where one is, and beneath it you will always see the word φαρμακείο, pronounced “farm-a-kee-o”. So, weirdly enough, this is one of the most useful words you will learn! The above conversation has also started looking at headaches/illnesses, and when you actually go into the pharmacy, you’ll need to be able to ask for something. Don’t worry – the next lesson will give some useful information about what to say in an emergency, and you’ll have a list names of some common illnesses, so if you fall ill in Greece you’ll be confident you’re asking for the right thing.


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