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Basics of the Greek Language, Lesson 19: The Family

Basics of the Greek Language, Lesson 19: The Family

In Greece, family and friends are very important. People tend to have larger families over there, in particular a bigger extended family of cousins, aunts and uncles. Family is central to social and rural life, and a huge part of Greek culture. So, let’s learn some words and phrases to use when describing our family and our friends. Even if you have a small family, no matter – talk about those you do have!


Family = οικογένεια “eeko-yen-eea”

Brother = αδελφός “adel-fos”

Sister = αδελφή “adel-fi”

Mother = μητέρα “mi-teh-ra”

Father = πατέρας “pat-eh-ras”

Uncle = θείος “thee-os”

Aunt = θεία “thee-a”

Grandmother = γιαγιά “yia-yia”

Grandfather = παππούς “pap-pous”

Cousin (female) = εξαδέλφη “exa-del-fi”

Cousin (male) = εξάδελφος “exa-delfos”

Half-brother/step-brother = ετεροθαλής αδελφός “eterothal-is adel-fos”

Half-sister = μισό-αδελφή “miso-adelfi”

Step-mother = μητριά “mit-ria”

Step-father = πατριός “patri-os”

Step-sister = ετεροθαλής αδελφή “eterothal-is adel-fi”

Son = γιός “yi-os”

Daughter = κόρη “ko-ri”

Child = παιδί “pay-thee”

Husband = σύζυγος “si-zighos” or αντρας “andras”

Wife = γυναίκα “yin-ay-ka”

Married = παντρεμένος “pandre-men-os”

Single = ανύπανδρος “an-ee-pandros”

Boyfriend = φίλος “fee-los” as in Ο φίλος μου “o fee-los mou” = “My boyfriend”

Girlfriend = φιλη “fili” as in φίλη μου “fee-li mou” = “My girlfriend”

Friend (female) = φίλη “fee-li”

Friend (male) = φίλος “fee-los”

Parents = γονείς “yon-ees”

Toddlers = μικρό παιδί “mik-ro pay-thee” literally small child!

Babies = μωρά “mo-ra”

Teenagers = εφήβους “e-fee-vous”

My brother is fifteen years old. = Ο αδελφός μου είναι δεκαπέντε ετών “o adel-fos moue e-nay deka-pen-de et-on”

My sister is younger/older than me. = Η αδελφή μου είναι νεότερος / μεγαλύτερα από μένα. “ee adel-fi mou ee-nay neo-teros/meghal-ee-tera ap-o me-na.”

My parents are in their forties. = Οι γονείς μου είναι στα σαράντα τους. “ee yon-ees mou ee-nay sta saran-ta tous.”

My grandparents are in their eighties. = παππούδες μου είναι στα ογδόντα τους. “pap-pou-des mou ee-nay sta ogh-don-ta tous.”

My family is very large. = οικογένειά μου είναι πολύ μεγάλο “eeko-yen-ee-a mou ee-nay pol-ee megha-lo”

My wife is called Angela. = Η γυναίκα μου ονομάζεται Angela. “ee yin-ay-ka mou ono-maz-etay Angela”

My aunt Maria is my mother’s sister. = Η θεία μου η Μαρία είναι αδελφή της μητέρας μου. “ee thay-a mou ee Maria ee-nay adel-fi tis mi-ter-as mou.”

My sister studies at university. = Η αδελφή μου σπουδάζει στο πανεπιστήμιο. “ee adel-fi mou spou-daz-ee sto panepis-ti-mio”

My cousin Costas is a builder. = Ο ξάδελφός μου ο Κώστας οικοδόμος. “o ex-a-del-fos mou o Kostas eeko-do-mos.”

My cousin Sophia has just had a baby. = Ο ξάδελφός μου Σοφία μόλις είχε ένα μωρό. “O ex-a-del-fos mou Sofia mo-lis ei-chee e-na mo-ro.”

My family are having a meal on Sunday. = Η οικογένειά μου είναι με ένα γεύμα την Κυριακή. “ee eeko-yen-ee-a mou ee-nay me e-na yev-ma tin Kiriak-i.”

How many siblings do you have? = πόσα αδέλφια έχεις; “po-so adel-fia e-cheeis?”

Are you married? = Είστε παντρεμένος; “ee-stay pandre-men-os?”

Do you have any children? = έχετε παιδιά; “e-chete pay-theea?”

My grandparents are retired. = Οι παππούδες μου τους συνταξιούχους. “ee pap-pou-des mou tous sintaxiou-chos.”


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