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Basics of the Greek Language, Lesson 17: At the Airport

Basics of the Greek Language, Lesson 17: At the Airport

No doubt in order to get to and from Greece, you’ll need to use the airport. The main airport of the country is Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International, named for the great statesman of the First World War. However, with tourism booming, there are many airports on the islands and in other regional locations people from the UK can get flights to and from. Most signs will also be in English and many airport staff will be able to speak it, so don’t panic, you’ll be fine! Nonetheless, here’s a few words and phrases that should help you along the way.



Arrivals = αφίξεις “afi-xis”

Departures = αναχωρήσεις “anachor-i-sis”

Flight = πτήση “pti-si”

Flight number = αριθμός πτήσης “arith-mos pti-sis”

Terminal = τερματικό “termati-ko”

Gate = πύλη “pi-li”

Delayed = καθυστέρηση “kathi-ste-risi”

The 5 o’clock flight to London is delayed. = η πτήση πέντε στο Λονδίνο έχει καθυστερήσει. “i pti-si pen-de sto Lon-di-no e-chee kathiste-ri-say”.

Cancelled = ακυρώθηκε “aki-ro-thike”

On time = στην ώρα τους “stin o-ra tous”

Boarding = επιβίβαση “epi-vi-vasi”

The next flight to Athens leaves at 8 o’clock. = Η επόμενη πτήση για την Αθήνα αναχωρεί στις 8:00 “I epo-meni pti-si yia tin Ath-i-na anachor-ee stis okto”.

Go to gate = πηγαίνετε στην πύλη “piy-ay-nete stin pi-li”

Bag drop = πτώση τσάντα “pto-si tsan-ta”

Luggage allowance = επίδομα αποσκευών “epi-doma aposkev-on”

Hand baggage = χειραποσκευών “heeraposkev-on”

Airline = αερογραμμή “aeroghram-mi”

Ryanair = Ryanair

Easyjet = easyJet

British Airways = British Airways (they’re all the same because they are the names of companies).

Departure Lounge = σαλόνι αναχώρησης “salo-ni ana-chor-esis”

Café = καφενείο “kafe-ne-o”

Restaurant = εστιατόριο “estia-tor-io”

Newsagent = εφημεριδοπώλης “efimerido-po-lis”

Duty free = αδασμολόγητα “adasmo-logh-ita”

Arrivals hall = αίθουσα αφίξεων “ay-thousa afi-xeon”

Customs = τελωνείο “telo-nee-oh”

Passport control = έλεγχος διαβατηρίων “e-legchos diavati-ri-on”

Airport parking = πάρκινγκ αεροδρομίου “par-king aerodrom-ee-ou”

Bus stop = στάση λεωφορείου “sta-si leofor-ee-ou”

Trains to London/Athens = τρένα στο Λονδίνο / Αθήνα “tre-na sto Londino/Athina”

Travel agent = ταξιδιωτικός πράκτορας “taxidioti-kos prak-toras”

My luggage weighs… = αποσκευές μου ζυγίζει ... “aposkev-es mou zi-ghi-zee”

I am checking in for the flight to… = Είμαι το check-in για την πτήση προς ... “ee-may to check-in yia tin pti-si pros…”

How much does excess baggage cost? = Πόσο κοστίζει η υπέρβαρες αποσκευές; “poso kost-e-zee ip-er-vares aposkev-es?”

I have hand baggage only. = Έχω μόνο χειραποσκευές. “ech-o mo-no heerapos-keves”

Which gate will the flight be? = ποια πύλη θα είναι η πτήση; “pee-a pi-li tha ee-nay i pti-si?”

Here is my passport. = εδώ είναι το διαβατήριό μου. “e-do ee-nay to diavat-i-ri-o mou.”

Airport security = την ασφάλεια των αεροδρομίων “tin asf-a-leea ton aerodrom-i-on.”

How long is the flight delayed? = πόσο καιρό θα καθυστερήσει η πτήση; “po-so kair-o kathiste-ri-see i pti-si?”

This flight will be 4 hours long. = Αυτή η πτήση θα διαρκεί 4 ώρες. “av-ti i pti-si tha diar-kee tesseris o-res.”

Turbulence = ταραχή “tara-hi”

Take-off = απογείωση “apo-gee-osi”

Landing = προσγείωση “pro-gee-osi”

In-flight entertainment = ψυχαγωγία εν πτήσει “psichagog-ia en pti-see”

In-flight meal = κατά την πτήση γεύμα “ka-ta tin pti-si yev-ma”.


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