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Basics of the Greek Language, Lesson 14: Transport

Basics of the Greek Language, Lesson 14: Transport

As many of us can’t drive yet, using public transport is our only way to get around. Public transport takes various different forms, especially in Greece! A boat isn’t usually something you would use to get around much in the UK, but in order to get between islands, it’s often the only way. Also, many Greeks prefer to use cars than public transport, so there are not nearly as many train stations in Greek towns than there are in UK towns or other European countries. So, when you want to explore the beautiful country that is Greece, you might want to know these helpful words and phrases.


Car = αυτοκίνητο “avto-ki-nito”

Bus = λεωφορείο “leofor-ee-oh”

Train = τρένο “tre-no”

Plane = αεροπλάνο “aero-pla-no”

Boat = πλοίο “plee-oh”

Ticket = εισιτήριο “eesit-i-rio”

Return ticket = εισιτήριο μετ 'επιστροφής “eesit-i-rio met ehpistro-fis”

Ticket office = εκδοτήριο εισιτηρίων “ekdo-ti-rio eesiti-ri-on”

Airport = αεροδρόμιο “aero-drom-io”

Port = λιμάνι “li-ma-ni”

Toll road = διοδίων “dio-di-on”

Motorway = αυτοκινητόδρομο “avtokini-to-dromo”

National Road = εθνική οδό “ethni-ki o-tho”

Bridge = γέφυρα “ghef-ira”

Train station = σιδηροδρομικό σταθμό “sithirodromi-ko stath-mo”

Bus station = στάση λεωφορείου “sta-si leofor-ee-ou”

Petrol = βενζίνη “ven-zi-ni”

Diesel = ντίζελ “di-zel”

Petrol station = πρατήριο βενζίνης “pra-ti-rio ven-zi-nis”

Journey/Travel = ταξίδι “taxi-di”

Walk = περπατήσει “perpat-i-seh”

Run = τρέξιμο “trex-imo”

Jog = σκούντημα “skoun-tima”

Close = κοντά “kon-ta”

Far = μακριά “makri-a”

It will take… hours to get there = θα χρειαστούν… ώρες για να φτάσουμε εκεί “tha chreea-stoun… o-res yia na fta-sou-meh ek-ee”

I will take the train to work. = Θα πάρω το τρένο για τη δουλειά “tha pa-ro to tre-no yia ti thou-lay-a”

I will walk to school. = εγώ θα περπατήσει στο σχολείο “egh-o tha perpat-i-she sto scho-lay-o”

The bus stop is next to the theatre. = η στάση του λεωφορείου είναι δίπλα στο θέατρο. “i sta-si tou leofor-ee-ou ee-nay dip-la sto thay-atro.”

Piraeus = Πειραιάς “pee-ray-as”

Athens = Αθήνα “athi-na”

Crete = Κρήτη “kri-ti”

Heraklion = Ηράκλειο “i-rak-lee-oh”

Mykonos = Μύκονος “mi-konos”

Corfu = Κέρκυρα “ker-kira”

Italy = Ιταλία “ital-i-a”

My flight leaves at 6 o’clock. = πτήση μου αναχωρεί στις 6:00 “pti-si mou anachor-ee stis exi”

I will arrive at 8 o’clock. = εγώ θα φτάσει στο 8:00. “egh-o the fta-see sto okto”

Suitcase/luggage = αποσκευές “aposkev-es”

Departures = αναχωρήσεις “anachor-i-sis”

Arrivals = αφίξεις “afi-xis”

I am going to Mykonos. = εγώ είμαι πρόκειται να Μύκονο. “egh-o ee-may pro-keetay na Mi-kono.”

My journey will be 5 hours long. = το ταξίδι μου θα είναι μήκους 5 ώρες. “to taxi-di mou tha ee-nay mi-kous pende o-res”

The next stop… Η επόμενη στάση “I epo-meni sta-si…”

Can you tell me when my stop is? = μπορείτε να μου πείτε πότε στάση μου είναι; “bor-ee-tay mou pee-tay po-te sta-si mou ee-nay?”

Delayed = καθυστέρηση “kathi-ste-risi”

Cancelled = ακυρώθηκε “aki-ro-thikeh”

I am going to be late. = Πάω να είναι αργά. “pow na ee-nay ar-gha”

Hurry! = βιαστείτε! “via-stee-tay!”

I would like to buy 2 return tickets to Crete. = Θα ήθελα να αγοράσει 2 εισιτήρια με επιστροφή για την Κρήτη. “tha ee-thela na agho-ra-see dio eesit-i-ris me epistro-fi yia tin Kri-ti.”

How long will you be away? = πόσο καιρό θα είστε μακριά; “po-so kay-ro tha ee-stay mak-ria?”

2 nights = 2 διανυκτερεύσεις. “dio dianikter-ef-sis.”


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