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Bali, Part 2

Bali, Part 2

After Ubud, take a taxi 40 minutes East to Lebih beach, a beach that has deeply black sand because it came from a volcano! Here you can relax on the warm sand with a nice smoothie, swim in the many pools, and play in the edge of the water. There are also surfer waves here, so if you have tried surfing before you can take your chance on the mid-size waves. If you haven’t tried surfing before, sign up for surfing classes from one of the many surfing schools in the area. There is also night surfing in front of the Komune Hotel, where large floodlights make it possible for experiences surfers to get out in the water when it is dark. Even if you don’t surf, this is a fun thing to watch. Along Lebih beach, there is another thing to watch out for, the stray dogs. These are used to people, they are playful, and they are often incredibly sweet, especially the puppies. But before you approach any of the dogs, be absolutely sure to talk to your parents about it and make sure they are with you, as some of the dogs may be ill.

If you have more than one day in the East, book a tour to Gili Trawangan Island. Although the trip there takes several hours by boat, you will find some of the best snorkeling beaches in the world along with turtles, rare fish and beautiful coral reefs. On the beaches of Gili T., as it is known by the many tourists who are unable to correctly pronounce the full name, you can eat fresh fish caught in the sea that you have just been snorkeling in. There are also a few places to sleep on Gili T., and because of the long travel time and the absolute beauty of the place, it is recommended that you spend at least one night.

In the very south, on the West-side of the Ulu Watu peninsula, you will find the town Padang-Padang. This is a beautiful place; on the shores there are many alcoves where you can go swimming or paddle boarding. Be careful when you do, and be absolutely sure to ask the lifeguards for advice as the waves here are two maters tall. Paddle boarding is a great activity for the entire family; it is relaxing, it trains your muscles, and if you fall in you will find yourself in clear blue warm water. You can go surfing as well, but only if you are very experienced and have are fully able to ride barrel waves! Arrive to the main alcove early if you can, as if quickly fills up with tourists. Get breakfast in the little café on the beach, but get your main meals in Padang-Padang town, where you will small restaurants that have delicious food.


I hope you can use some of this advice and that you have an absolutely amazing trip to Bali! Remember that the main purpose of the trip should be to relax and enjoy the welcoming culture.



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