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   Though smaller, Anglerfish are just as creepy underwater monsters as Sharks, and here's why. They live in the darkest parts of the ocean, deep below the surface (usually) and lure their prey towards them with the light dangling from their forehead. Once it is close enough, they attack and seize it with their many rows of sharp teeth. Due to the fact that these fish live mainly in deep dark areas of ocean, it is difficult to know much about them, but we do know some things from recovered Anglers that have gone astray. They are the sprinters of the sea in as much as they will often swim passively along and are not streamlined like a shark, but will then explode in bursts of speed on occasion (usually towards un-expecting prey). 


   Anglers can attack fish larger than themselves with their razor sharp teeth, but usually they target smaller crustaceans, such as deep sea crabs and small fish. This is also due to the fact that they often live and hunt in deep dark crevices under water, that larger fish cannot fit in. Also, they live deeper than larger fish can dive, such as Whales, Sharks and Dolphins which are mammals of the sea. One amazing thing about Anglerfish is that the largest part of their body is their huge jaw; it's literally like a little floating mouth but with lots of sharp teeth! Either way, stay away from dark parts of the ocean! Just joking, Anglers don't swim close enough to the surface to interact with humans, but even if they did, chances are we would be too big for them. 

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