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   Yet another scary animal species (technically reptile) is snakes. The Anaconda is one of the largest species of snake and some found in freshwater rivers in South America are as long as 25 foot! That's the same as almost four average height adults put together! The Anaconda's name is thought to come from the Latin for Elephant killer - with its size and ability to choke its prey, you can see why! The standard diet for an Anaconda is fish, birds and small mammals which it can swallow whole, though they have also been known to attack humans. However, attacks on humans have usually been in defence and they are non venemous snakes, so would have to wrap around your neck to pose any threat. 


   One anaconda was reported to have constricted and then swallowed an alligator! Snakes can grow to enormous sizes when fitting their jaws around their prey, but this was too much of a stretch and the Anaconda exploded, killing itself aswell as the crocodile it had stranged! As I said they are not especially deadly to humans, but these reptiles are definitely scary to behold. Due to their ability to kill and their great size, there have been several films depicting Anacondas as deadly killers and some researchers who invaded their territory to take pictures had to be very cautious. Below is a link to a youtube video of a diver who got very close to one of these monsters and took photos of it in an Amazon river! Watch and enjoy! 

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