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Alternatives to Soya Milk - Dairy Free Milks Review

Alternatives to Soya Milk - Dairy Free Milks Review

With an ever-increasing number of the population choosing a vegan lifestyle, and with many more suffering from milk allergies, there is an expanding market for dairy alternatives. Soya has long been the staple, and most popular choice. However, soya intolerance is quite common, and can make consuming soya quite unpleasant, so I am going to review some alternatives to soya milk for those who want to try something different.


Almond Milk - Almond milk is probably my personal favourite of all the dairy alternatives. It has a creamy texture and lovely flavour that is not too strong so as to be overpowering. It works well in coffees, or with chocolate/cocoa powder for a hot chocolate or milkshake. Equally, over a bowl of cereal, the taste if anything, adds to the flavours of the cereal. You can buy standard almond milk, or even barista blend almond milk if you want a thicker, creamier texture for your drinks. I recommend Almond Breeze or Alpro Almond Milk if you want to give it a try.


Coconut Milk - Coconut milk is also a very worthwhile alternative to soya milk. The flavour is quite subtle, so again, this milk goes nicely in drinks such as coffees and chocolate drinks. However, allow your drink to cool a little before adding coconut milk, otherwise it can curdle in the drink. I recommend Alpro Coconut Milk and Koko Coconut Milk.


Hazelnut Milk - The taste is more distinctive with hazelnut milk, but if you like hazelnuts it creates a really nice flavour. Hazelnut milk is somewhat creamier than the aforementioned milks. It works particularly well with cocoa/chocolate drinks, but I think not so much with coffee, as the flavour can be a bit overpowering. I recommend Alpro Hazelnut Milk.


Oat Milk - Oat milk is a wonderful alternative to soya, so long as you aren’t gluten intolerant, or allergic to oats. The texture is very thick, rich and creamy. It is lovely in hot drinks, milkshakes, or over cereal. Again, with hot drinks, ensure to wait for a little bit, so as to prevent the oat milk from curdling. Chocolate oat milk is also available, and is absolutely delicious if you fancy a dairy free milkshake without any effort. I recommend Oatly if you want to give it a try.


Within these different types of milk, there are often other flavours. For example, Almond Breeze do a lovely Vanilla flavoured milk, which offers a sweet, refreshing taste that compliments any cereal and would work well in a drink wherein you also want some form of sweetener.


Both Koko and Alpro have Chocolate Coconut Milks available. I personally prefer Koko’s offering, as it has a slightly subtler, sweeter taste.


Rebel Kitchen are also beginning to come to the forefront with their all natural dairy-free milks. They currently do chocolate, coffee, and banana. They use coconut milk and dates as their primary ingredients. Though slightly more expensive than other flavoured milks, the quality of ingredients is immediately evident, and the flavours are delicious.


Overall, I would say, even if you like Soya, it’s worth trying other alternatives, as there are health benefits and also many flavours that you may find you really like, and may even work better for you than Soya Milk. Just remember to be careful of any allergies you have!





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