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All About Gymnastics

All About Gymnastics

Over the next couple of articles, we are going to look at the various events included in the discipline of gymnastics. Despite what you may think, gymnastics is not a girly sport. The shape and muscle mass of gymnasts depends entirely on the events they compete in, but you only need to look at the men’s rings events to realise that there is nothing easy or feeble about that event! Gymnastics is a sport that can be done individually or in a team, and individuals can choose to focus on one particular discipline, or a number of them to become well-rounded (and get more shots at winning all the medals and trophies!).


Gymnastics is classically split into three categories: rhythmic gymnastics, which is for women only, trampolining for both men and women, and artistic gymnastics for both men and women. Men’s artistic gymnastics includes six events: pommel, rings, floor, parallel bars, vault and high bar, whereas women’s artistic gymnastic consists of four disciplines: vault, floor, asymmetric bar, and balance beam.


All About the Sport of Gymnastics

The gymnastic podium, which is the arena the events take place on, is arranged so that various events can run simultaneously as each piece of apparatus has a set area, and does not move from that allocated spot. In competition, the athletes move around the podium depending on the events they are partaking in. Each event area will have a judges table, in which there will be eight judges. These eight judges are split into the A-jury (the two judges in the middle at the front) and a B-jury (all the other judges around them).


After the 2004 Olympics, the traditional gymnastics points system was overhauled for a system which rates technical difficultly incredibly highly leading artistry to fall behind in terms of importance. The new rules are famous for the fact that it’s near impossible to score a perfect ten, or top, score.


If you look through our backdated articles you will see I’ve already covered trampolining. So you might be a step ahead to understanding this sport already. Keep tuned for articles on both rhythmic and artistic gymnastics coming soon! I will make sure I explain each of the events in as much detail as I can and remember, your local gym, or school, will definitely have gymnastics classes so give it a go. It will be good fun if nothing else! Enjoy!

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