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Activities to try this summer: Part 2

Activities to try this summer: Part 2

In the previous article, we looked at a lot of ideas for what you could get up to this summer in your time away from school. However, most of the activities we looked at were quite outdoorsy, like water sports, and camping. If you’re more of an academic person, or you just like to stay within the comfort of your own home, there’s still opportunities to have fun learning something new.


The first activity here that fits this idea perfectly, is the Summer Reading Challenge. This is a nationwide scheme to get children reading more books, because it is such a good activity to get into and, believe it or not, it could help you a lot in later life. Within the scheme, you can set yourself a target number of books to read within the summer holidays and reaching your target becomes more like a challenge. You can even track your progress on the cool website set up for the scheme, which even allows you to choose a fun avatar for your profile.


You can also start preparing for your next school year. It’s always best to start the year off well, so make sure you’ve got all the right equipment and books, and if you’re into a particular subject, you can always start reading ahead. Dependant on what age you are, you may already be studying languages at school, but if you’ve got the time to spare, why not try learning another one at home. You can never know too many, and there’s no knowing when that skill could come in handy. If you’re more of an artist, why not try heading over to our craft section on the website for some fun ideas on what to make or try, and if you like cooking, there are some great recipes on Kings News too!


Once you’ve made some delicious baked goods, why not find a nice nature spot and have yourself a picnic. There are nice areas to go for a picnic all over the country and it’s a nice way to get out of the house if you’ve spent most of your holidays locked up inside, and there’s minimal cost or hassle. While, you’re out there try some new foods. There’s plenty of exotic fruits and vegetables that even I have never tried, so it could be a fun time to test your taste buds with some different flavours.


Another more outdoorsy activity to do, that you can still do without going out far is the gardening. Gardens always need a bit of care, and in adult life, there’s rarely the time to spend looking after and tending to your gardens, so this could be a good big-scale project to take on over the whole summer, to get the garden looking pristine, and I’m sure your parents will be more than happy for the help. While you’re doing that, a good clean of the house might be worthwhile too, and this could involve setting up a car-boot sale of all the old things you’re not sure you want any more, or clothes that no longer fit. Selling on old things can be sad, but it makes space for newer things that may be more enjoyable in the future.


There are of course, a variety of other things you can spend your time on, and there’s no way to cover them all here, but if you’re still stuck, try looking at some other articles on Kings News to learn something new, and see what interests you, as there may be an activity in this area that’s more suited to you. If you want to learn a new skill, but aren’t really sure where to start, try looking online for free resources, or there may be some cheap classes you can take in that activity nearby. The most important thing is that you put your summer to good use, and remember to relax a little as well!



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