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Activities to try this summer: Part 1

Activities to try this summer: Part 1

Summer’s here and in my previous articles on places to go, I’ve already shown that there’s lots you can do during your time off this summer, to entertain yourself, and make the most of the time you have. This has included museums, trips abroad, theme parks and other landmarks. However, this article is going to look at some other more general things you can do this summer to keep yourself busy, and hopefully to also learn new practical skills. Many of these things can be done at home, or nearby, and are much cheaper and simpler than going on a full-blown holiday, so there’s no excuse for not giving some of these extra exciting activities a go.


Often holidays in your home country can seem boring, but there’s no reason that this has to be the case. One great way to make a holiday nearby more exciting is to go camping. This shouldn’t cost too much, since all you really need is a tent and somewhere to put it up. However, more than that, going camping really is just a great life experience. It’s an opportunity to learn survival skills, and to improve teamwork, and can be a lot of fun if you go with friends. Activities such as sleeping in a tent that you put up yourself and eating food cooked on a fire you’ve made also help you to appreciate the modern comforts we sometimes take for granted. While camping may not be the most luxurious holidays you can experience, it’s almost certainly one of the most memorable.


While you are camping, you may want to try some other outdoor activities, such as water sports. My personal favourite would be to just hire a couple of rowing boats with some friends. Whilst this will cost you a little, most boat hire places are quite reasonable, and it’s a lot cheaper than actually buying the stuff yourself. Pedalos are also a good alternative, which can be found in some large lakes are at the beach. It’s pretty much the same idea, but powered by your feet rather than your arms. This brings me on to another point; these activities can be a great way to do some exercise while also having fun. If you’re like me and never really enjoyed PE at school, because it’s centred on team sports, then this is a good alternative form of exercise to consider. Rowing in particular is a great arm workout, and it’s a sport that the UK teams tend to excel in. Kayaking and canoeing are also fun, though are mostly a solo activity, as they’re much smaller crafts, and sailing is no doubt a lot of fun, but probably the most complex of the water sports, as it involves an understanding of how to move the sails as well as steering, and I’ve never really had the chance to learn, but if you have the time, this is probably the most rewarding one I’ve mentioned, so why not give it a go.


Of course, if you love the water, but don’t want the hassle, of finding somewhere with boats and equipment, you could always just head on down to the beach for a paddle or swim. While there you can build sandcastles and get ice-creams, which should be part of everyone’s summer. If you can’t yet swim, learning to swim at the local pool is an absolute must! It’s a great skill to know for the future, and once you’ve learnt, it’s impossible to forget. Of course, if you’re locked up at home, another alternative is simply getting the paddling pool out in your back garden.


Whatever your preferences in spending time, the most important thing is that you get out and make the most of the time you have, and in years to come you’ll be grateful for all the skills you’ve learnt and fun times you’ve had. Maybe the things on this list weren’t really your style. Don’t worry, because in my next article, I’ll give you some more fun ideas for things to do this summer.



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