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Accidentally Vegan Foods and Drink: part 2

Accidentally Vegan Foods and Drink: part 2

Here are some more products to try (or realise you can have again) if you have dietary restrictions. These products are all suitable for vegans.


       1)   Askeys Crackin Chocolate Ice Cream Topping  -  This is another particularly surprising entry - who’d have thought a chocolate sauce would be suitable for vegans? Luckily for us, this one omits dairy, and has no animal byproducts in it used as binding agents or anything else, so you can tuck in and enjoy! It’s a great product to make that dairy-free ice-cream a lot more interesting!


       2)  Morrisons Dark Chocolate Orange Thins  -  These are lovely little squares of yummy chocolate surrounding delicious gooey orange. These are ideal as an after dinner treat, especially if you’re having guests. They have a lovely contrast of the zingy orange and the bitter dark chocolate, that makes for a truly appetizing dessert.


      3)  Betty Crocker Buttercream Icing -  Not all flavours are vegan, but thankfully, chocolate and coffee certainly are! This is really helpful if you’re making a cake and need some frosting for it, but are worrying and making it or being able to find anything that doesn’t contain butter. These buttercreams taste lovely, especially when accompanying cake! Easy to spread, and reasonably priced, they are well worth trying.


      4)  Hula Hoops  -  These are great if you fancy a packet of crisps but you can’t find any that don’t contain milk. There are surprisingly many crisps that have whey or milk proteins in them! Luckily, Original and Salt and Vinegar Hula Hoops are entirely vegan! Have them as a snack, part of your lunch, or share them with friends. You can buy them at all supermarkets.


     5)  Lotus Biscoff Caramelised Biscuits  -  Wahoo! Finally a sweet, caramel biscuit that we can actually eat! These biscuits are lovely on their own, and even better dipped in a coffee or hot chocolate or some type of dairy-free milk. They are crunchy and full of flavour. You can buy them from all major supermarkets.


     6)  Uncle Ben’s Medium Curry Sauce  -  This sauce is fantastic, because it is as close as you can get to a korma without having the dairy. The Medium Curry Sauce has a distinct coconut flavour, much like that of a korma, and is only slightly stronger than a korma, but contains none of the milk or cream that a typical korma sauce contains. As such, you can easily whip up a veggie curry of your choice with this sauce, and enjoy the lovely coconut flavour.


    7)  McVitie’s Fig Rolls  -  These rolls are a delicious snack, with a tasty, yet slightly unusual fig filling. They have a soft biscuity coating, with a lovely gooey filling, and make for a moreish treat.


    8)  Starburst  -  Starburst are a yummy chewy sweet, without the gelatine which is what usually renders sweets unsuitable for vegans. The fruity flavours are sweet and zesty and perfect for a sugar fix.


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