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Accidentally Vegan Foods and Drink

Accidentally Vegan Foods and Drink

It can be really hard to know what to eat when you can’t have things like meat and/or dairy, and it can feel like you can’t have any of the foods you used to love. So, I’m going to compile a list of foods and drinks that accidentally vegan. They were not made with any intention to be vegan, but ended up being so anyway! I’m sure you’ll be surprised by some of the things you can still have!


       1)  Oreos  -  A classic example. Oreos are a great biscuit because they can give you a chocolate fix without you having to have any dairy. They are pretty cheap to buy, and available in all supermarkets, and even in many local convenience stores too. These are some of my favourites not just because they taste so good, but because many of my friends who can have dairy also enjoy them, meaning we can easily share them, without me having to have something alone. Oreos are also great for crumbling on dairy-free ice-creams.


      2)  Nesquik -  Nesquik! Nesquik is a life-saver! You can still make yourself milkshakes with your choice of dairy-free milk and it can still be vegan. This powder is lovely, and can make any boring glass of ‘milk’ far more exciting. It’s reasonably priced, and should last a while. The hot chocolate powder is also suitable for vegans, which is extremely helpful, as a lot of hot chocolates on the market contain skimmed milk powder.


       3)  Sainsburys Falafel  -  Sainsburys falafels are really good value; you get a pack of twelve pieces for £2. They have a nice texture, and are not too dry, unlike many other falafel products on the market. The important thing here is that they don’t contain honey or any other animal produce binding agents, which, unfortunately, a lot of falafel brands do. These are perfect for a snack or as part of a salad or a wrap.


      4) Proper Corn Popcorn  -  Proper Corn comes in a few flavours, and currently, the Peanut Butter and Almond, and Sweet and Salty flavours are vegan. This is great, as so many popcorns use milk or butter to  achieve their flavours, which means vegans and those allergic to dairy cannot have them. They have a really nice taste, and are quite filling. You can have them as a snack, or they are great when watching a film!

      5) Hobnobs - Hobnobs biscuits contain no dairy, and are mostly just made of rolled oats, making them suitable for almost everyone. The trouble with most biscuits is that they contain butter, but not these! These biscuits are lovely to dip into a hot drink of your choosing, or to have just as a snack. Again, these are handy, as you can easily share them with friends. You can buy them at all major supermarkets, and at many local stores.



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