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A winter warmer

A winter warmer

Have you ever been out for a walk when it’s freezing outside? When it's so cold that you can see your breath and the end of your nose is as red as Rudolph's?

Do you ever look around at the scenery? Or do you just carry on walking, looking down at the ground, eagerly anticipating the sight of your house where you can be warm again.

Competition - Where your imagination can really let loose!!

This week, I want you to notice your surroundings, take in the scenery, maybe the different shades of leaves as winter invades, or the growing frost on the trees. 

This competition is a descriptive one, where your imagination and creativity can really be let loose. I want you to write a paragraph about a particular place and how it looks now that it is winter, it could be a favourite spot of yours, or maybe just a lovely picturesque place you happened to stumble across. It can be wherever you want, however it must be descriptive, make sure you use lots of adjectives and remember it’s a descriptive piece. No storytelling, just what you can see, in detail.


For example:

In front of me, I see a spider’s cobweb blowing in the breeze, yet being weighed down by crystals that are rain drops as they fall into the spider’s deadly trap....



I can see a plant being invaded by frost, as winter becomes more apparent and harsh....

These descriptive pieces only need to be around 500 words. Good Luck! 

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