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Dabeluchi Nnachetam

Dabeluchi Nnachetam


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About Me: Hello, I'm Dabbie (short for Dabeluchi). I am a student at Dartford Grammar School for Girls. I love reading mystery books, and solving the mystery with the author. I hope you enjoy reading my stories.

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A Ring of Murder Part 2

A Ring of Murder Part 2

“I am so glad that you could make it!”  


“Anything for a friend.” 


She stepped into the house and Mathew closed the door behind her. He walked into the living room and introduced his friend rather calmly and quietly. They all greeted her. He stood in the middle of the lounge and spoke, “I am Detective Joanna. I am here to investigate this case. I stopped off at the police station, to see the body and after further examination I have come to the conclusion that this was murder. Everybody in this room are suspects and I will interrogate each of you privately and if you have any important information, please tell me as it may help me crack this case. I am going to start with Mathew.” 


Mathew followed Joanna into his study where they sat down. He squinted and struggled to see through the flashing light pointed directly at his face. She looked deeply into his eyes and asked, “Where were you last night?” he broke out into tears and sobbed. 


He stuttered as he spoke, “I... was... erm watching TV.” 


“But on the phone, you said that Catherine was with you.” 


“I was with Catherine.” 


“But then how come her body was found upstairs. Unless you killed her and dragged her dead body up the stairs to frame the children. 


“No! No! No! It wasn’t like that. I was downstairs but then she went upstairs to get something. It had been over an hour so I went up to check in on her.” 


“Ok, thank you for your time. Call in Sabrina.” 

All the interrogations went smoothly; however, Mathew had he strangest response. Joanna continued to take notes throughout the meetings and noted all the alibis. She locked her notebook and got up off her seat and left the room, closing the door behind herself. She sat in the dining room and thought to herself about what had happened while drinking a glass of water. The cook came in and asked, “As our guest, you may make a suggestion to dinner tonight.” 


“Oh, thank you. I really am quite flattered. I do quite like ribs as a starter and turkey as a main.” 


“That does sound tasty.” And with that, he speed-walked off to prepare dinner.  


Everyone was seated in the dining table. Dinner was served and everyone dug in. The detective looked up and around. She observed everyone carefully making mental notes in her head. “Sabrina and Samantha, are you having trouble cutting your turkey?” 


“Oh, it's nothing really. We just don’t have sturdy hands so we help each other. It is rather weird as we love gymnastics because you need a steady hand for landings.” Sabrina explained. 




“Oh yeah, we love competing together. It is just so much fun.” 


“Girls, why don’t you tell her about the new trick you learnt.” 


“Well, you jump out of objects doing a backhand spring.” 


“What type of objects can you do.” 




“It is like I have my own spies, jumping out of windows and stuff.” They all laughed. 


Before leaving, she turned around to the twins and said, “You must teach me your foundation technique. I love how you layered it. Which one do you use?” They ran upstairs and showed her the powder and its details. Joanna dashed out to the station to check the body. Joanna dusted the knuckles which were bruised and collected the samples. She examined the cut. With a ruler, she measured everything from the cut to the knife and took notes before leaving. 








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