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About Me:I am a second year student studying BioMedical Science. I am interested in a wide range of topics but particularly like to focus on Biology, Art and Philosophy.

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A Review of: Pat Perry Part 2

A Review of: Pat Perry Part 2

‘Out in the yard’ is a piece I decided to do a study of. As I have already done painting with a style not too dissimilar, I wanted to practice a different choice of medium, thus choosing to do a biro piece. The asymmetrical alignment emphasises that his art is a form of liberation. Beginning with his choice of background, at first glance, it may appear plain white. However the artist fills patches of shading, almost as if the piece is incomplete. Perry covers the eyes and above with a house, then places a portrait of scenery slightly covering the right side of the subject. The positioning of a house in front of the forehead suggests that this work has something to do with the mind. Perhaps the subject is dreaming of a place. Adjacently placed next to the subjects body is another environment, one which is perhaps less appealing. There is a contrast between environments, proposing the idea that the subjects mind is in a different place to where she physically is.

The shading is rather fine, delicate use of line and in some areas cross hatching composes the piece. For the face, the shading is limited, then there is dark shadows used when completing the hair. In the drawing of the landscape to the right, there isn’t much of a range in contrast. The pen strokes are light, short and closely drawn to create a piece rather realistic.

I feel this piece is quite expressive of a deep and saddening mood. The fact that the hair sweeps across the subjects face, and the house covers the top half leaves very little space to actually see the face. From what can be seen, the subject looks rather blank and inexpressive. She does not necessarily appear sad, but I still feel like the piece is rather mood dampening. This feeling is enhanced by the black and white colours and the rather plain choice of scenery. The landscape is unorganised, and is not aesthetically appealing.


Peterson series

I am drawn to this work as I find it rather strange yet intriguing. Perry does not specify why he chose to do this but I would love to know what his train of thought was. Placing a house on top of a person so that only the bottom half of the body can be seen is unusual. Furthermore the subject is standing in what looks like an isolated area. Is this a symbol of attachment to one’s home, the idea that wherever someone goes, they take their environment with them? Or is this a symbol of a comfort zone? Perhaps the subject feels at piece being within their normal surroundings. Or could this work be a surreal piece simply painting an environment on top of someone? I like the fact that this work is not explicit, the viewer gets the opportunity to make their own decision about what the art means to them. I personally like the idea of it being an attachment, the thought that someone’s home holds great significance to their life. It reminds me of the Disney film ‘Up.’ The protagonist’s home becomes symbolic of a dream him and his partner had since they were young, he became determined for their house to reach a perfect spot in South America. He was attached to his home, and flew away with it on a journey to paradise.

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